about GMAC

actually GMAC was derived from the self-invented word GMACOMICS. basically renaming myself on forums as the comics collector who used to work in a broadcasting network station. NO, not GMA 7 but ABS CBN. it was a reverse psychology thing coz i want to hide the identity behind the handle for i browse a lot of forums locally and internationally which best suits my hobbies, pastime, and likes.

as of now im currently into photography though i honestly didnt undertake classes of it. for me it was just an interest at first then came the passion. so i boguht one for myself and i fell in love with it. so now im a crazy trigger happy shooter but still know the limitations of the country im into.

im mostly into collecting stuffs. as of now i have more than 5 statues of bowendesigns and 20 pieces of busts all of which are xmen characters, figures of justice league, 2 boxes of comic books and a few trade paperbacks and a lot of diecasts preferably drift racers with 1:24 scale. im not a nerd, just a hobbyist…just to clear things.

currently im residing in saudi arabia. im working here in a hospital located at hassa eastern region of the said country. been here for one and a half year and still hoping for a great opportunity in the west. actually ive been praying for that long time ago. anyways, almost all of my frends call me jhum, jhums, jhumski. take a pick, its all good for me.

likes caffe latte hot sprinkled with cinnamon powder, belgian waffle, maltesers, kare kare, and a whole lot more.

so i think thats about it. thanks for viewing this blogsite and i hope it helps even in its own simplest way. before i forgot, i am the guy on top of D in DUST. hehehe.

God Bless.


10 comments on “about GMAC”

  1. hey there.. you attending BS church there at Saudi?

  2. not only BS joycee, we have a weekly service here, BS group, tuesday practice music ministry and monday IP.

  3. wow cool.. good thing you found a christuab church there! God blesss! 🙂

  4. im no nerd.. but i like to think of myself as a bit geeky sometimes 😀

    nothing wrong with being one.. i think.. its just that you like one thing more than any other person who claims that they like em too 😀

    but that’s just me 😛

  5. lcwo thanks. hehe. u got me there. but i prefer to be called a hobbyist. hahaha. ayaw talaga umamin eh noh. hahaha. though i agree nothing wrong being one and i actually thought myself as one sometimes because of my collections. still i stand as a hobbyist. hahaha. kulit eh noh.

  6. hhahaa.. no worries.. that’s a matter of perspective, as most things are in this world 😀

    why not call yourself as a collector then? magkaiba pa ba yun?! hehehe.. tinatapatan yung kulit noh?!

  7. hmmnn. pede din yun ang una kong nasasabi minsan pero as much as possible im practicing saying hobbyist. o di ba ayaw ko talaga iwanan ung word na hobbyist. hahaha. siguro kasi hindi naman me ganun kadeep para twagin kolektor since kaunti pa lang naman ung koleksyons compare sa mga colleagues ko na malupit at astig ang kolekting stats. hehehe.

  8. gmac, i added you in YM! 🙂

  9. what’s wrong with being a nerd? I like nerds and geeks… they are nice to me. hehehe!

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