APP Error 523 in Blackberry 9700

got a new tut not only for you guys but for me as well. its sort of making me remember things ive learned and tend not to forget it as time goes by. this error happens when the system process failed or died. in order to retrieve it back and use your BB again, the only answer i found on the net was UPDATE/INSTALL the OS of your BB. so here’s a quick tut for you guys out there who encountered this error.

note that i am not responsible for bricking of your phones. you may or may not follow my instructions here but one thing is for sure, it is on my own experience that i wrote this tutorial.

updating your blackberry OS:

1. download the OS of your device from of your current network carrier. in my case i used STC-KSA. download size would be around 132Mb. be sure that it is on the right model. in my case 9700.
2. take out your battery and plug your BB to your computer.
3. after you have downloaded the OS, double click the exe file on your computer and follow the instructions until such a point that you see a flashing indicator of battery in your BB phone.
4. put your battery in the BB
5. then it will proceed with the setup
6. press next until it shows you that the update was succesful.
7. go to your BB phone and change the necesarry settings you like.

hope this helps. enjoy!


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