Windows 7 Quick Launch

i noticed that there is no quick launch in WIndows 7 but only icons with aero peek windows view functionality. but then when i type in the search button in C drive, i still find the quick launch folder. so because i wanted the one click show desktop view and the 3d flip view i tried adding it in the toolbars and now im using it.

here are the steps:

1. right click on your taskbar and uncheck the loc the taskbar
2. right click again on the taskbar then select toolbars then select new toolbars
3. it will open a dialog box so you can locate your quick launch folder.
4. quick launch folder is found under username/appdata/roaming/microsoft/internet explorer
tip: be sure to show all hidden folders first before browsing through the dialog box.
5. click select folder.
6. you will be able to see then that your quick launch is placed on the right side of the taskbar pane
7. right click on the quick launch then uncheck show text and show title
8. then drag the quick launch until it reaches near the start button
9. to make it even with the rest of the aero peek icons, right click on it then select view then select large icons
10. then lock the taskbar again.

ur done. thanks for your time.


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