IPHONE SMS custom ringtone!

*jailbroken phones only.

we have 6 sms ringtone available in our iphone. and its boring. thus the tutorial im posting. here are the steps.

1. download and install switchaudio converter
2. after downloading run the application
3. choose add audio file then select a 5seconds mp3 file then convert
4. after conversion go to the output folder then rename the file extension to “sms-received6.caf”
5. open winscp
6. when inside winscp, go to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds
7. then drag the renamed and converted mp3 in this directory then hit yes.
8. it will replaced the original sms received tone number one. i think the sms-received6.caf is the electronic sms ringtone.
9. do the rest for number sms-received1-5 then you’re done.

note: make a backup of the original sms ringtone so in case you wanted the original sounds you can just copy and paste. winscp can be downloaded here in symbianize under mobile applications thread.


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