this tutorial is initially having vista installed as OS>
i hope you may find this tutorial easy even without images posted below.

i must warn that in installing dual boot, corruption may occur but a little probability only in which case have not happened in my laptop. im done with vista because of its updates and making my computer slow but i dont want to spoil it and make it totally windows 7 for security purposes.

anyhow, here are the steps in making your computer dual boot vista and windows 7.

1. make sure you secure first a windows 7 disc. if you have it in your external drive, burn it and mount it in a dvd so we wont have any problems during the installation.
2. VISTA mode, click start button and type “disk management”
3. right click on C drive then click shrink volume
4. enter the amount in MB space (lets make it 100,000mb). actually this depends on the size you wanted. it will compute you the maximum size also wherein you can proceed in making a new drive so we are able to install the windows 7 OS there. the max requirement of windows 7 is 17gb-20gb i think.
5. then it will create an unallocated drive next to your C drive.
6. right click on the new drive and click new simple volume
7. it will open a wizard dialog box and make sure that you follow the procedure by having these:

a. make a drive letter path
b. make a name for your drive (ex. windows 7)
c. make it NTFS
d. tick the quick format

8. afterwhich it will now be a new NTFS drive where we will be saving for our windows7
9. insert your windows 7 disc in your optical drive
10. restart your computer.
11. boot from dvd then follow the guide by clicking next/
12. the crucial part and MUST HAVE in mind is that you DO NOT click upgrade instead click on CUSTOM or ADVANCED and select the drive we created (windows 7) then click next.
13. choose from the selection of windows 7 format then wait until it finishes
14. after installation is complte, during the boot process, you will be asked where you wanted to boot (windows 7 or windows vista)

if you are able to see this during boot process, you are successfull of course if it push through until the actual homescreen of both OS. i hope this little tutorial helps. thank you rfor your time.


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