By: gmacomics

Apr 11 2010

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* for jailbroken iphone/ipod only.

ssh is the link and connection between your phone to other devices specifically in your computer/laptop. and having heard of the IKEE virus, i needed to know what is this ikee virus and how does it attack. basically IKEE virus was found in most iphones where their openssh initial password was unchanged. so i have to know how to change the password in using winscp as my ssh to my computer.

here are the steps:

1. install mobile terminal inside cydia
2. after installation tap terminal application
3. type su root then type “alpine”
4. type “cd” then hit return
5. type “passwd”
6. type your new password then retype again

your done!
note: you wont be able to view what you type so type carefully and avoid repitition of characters. this is to protect your directory when using wifi from malicious wares in your iphone directory because of the default password given.


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