IPHONE 3G VideoEdit

one of the features of having 3GS iphone is the videoedit. this means you can trim and send video on your iphone through emails. unfortunately for 3GS only. not anymore…

this tutorial will teach you how your iphone 3G can have this feature:

1. must have these installed in your iphone: cydia, cycorder, openssh, mobile terminal, wifi connection
2. must have these in your computer: winscp, videotoggle.zip, wlan/lan connection
3. open winscp in your computer and type the ip adress of your iphone (located in general>settings>wifi network>blue arrow) in the host name, then type “root” as username and “alpine” as password.
3. go to /private/var/tmp
4. browse for your extracted videotoggle zip file and look for the folder “VideoToggle”
5. copy that folder inside your iphone’s /private/var/tmp
6. go to mobile terminal of your iphone and type “su”
7. type the password “alpine”
8. type the following:


9. after installation, it will respring. after respring, reboot device.
10. after rebooting, you will be able to see your videoedit switch in sbsettings. toggling to “ON” will make your videos from cycorder put in camera roll folder under photos. by then you’ll be able to see photos and videos at the same time.
11. tapping the video will go to the video and you can edit it by selecting the ends of the taskbar inside your iphone and selecting trim. what’s even great is that you can be able to view your videos inside the internal storage system in your computer without using any application. just go to the internal storgae folder of your iphone then you’ll see your videos ready for copying and pasting.

NOTE: toggling videoedit to “ON” will disable your camera so make sure you turn it off after editing the video or after sending it as email. then your camera will work once again. thanks to the tutorial i once read.


9 comments on “IPHONE 3G VideoEdit”

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  6. Good. Thanks for sharing…

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  8. Why is this not available for the 3G? I don’t like how apple does not allow you to update their old products. It makes good business sense what they are doing, but it hurts my wallet!

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