IPHONE ipa transfer without using ITUNES

[I]warning: your phone must be jailbroken and must have the installous program inside your iphone and winscp in your computer.[/I]

i found out this method during my course of searching all the folders located inside my iphone.i found out the folder where the ipa’s are located inside myiphone so i thought of transferring my downloaded ipa’s from my computer to my iphone, and it worked!!! so i hope this will work for you too.

here are the steps in syncing your downloaded or downloaded ipa’s from your computer to yor iphone without using Itunes.

1. first you must have winscp in your computer. if so, run the program.
2. you must connect your iphone to a wifi network.
3. type the ip address of your iphone to the host name in winscp program then type “root” as your username and “alpine” as your password.
4. then go to /private/var/mobile/Media and click on the “Download” folder.
5. on your left side pane, search for the ipa you downloaded and then simply drag it to the right side pane which is inside the “Download” folder.
6. after the transfer, go to your iphone then open installous. go to downloads then you’ll be able to find the transferred ipa’s inside installous. tap one by one as to install each ipa.

thats it, you’re done! you didnt use itunes without the hassle of authorizing and checking what application you want to install in their browser directory. simple and easy.


3 comments on “IPHONE ipa transfer without using ITUNES”

  1. it doesnt seem to work – i dloaded the ipa (Runmeter_3.0.2.ipa) & dragged it to “downloads” in winscp, but when you look in “downloads” in installous on the iphone there’s nothing there!

  2. I had to copy the ipa file to
    not the Path to the Media directory that you specfied.

    but other than that it worked.


  3. I cannot log me in my iphone.
    I wrote the ip-adress in the computername field.
    username “root” and pw “alpine”.
    why it doesn´t connect? a popup-menu appears on it “network error”.

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