looking into the directory files inside the iphone? yes you can do this and you can even put applications and copy, cut paste files to and from the computer/iphone using WINSCP.

here’s how.


1. download “winscp” then hit the exe file after downloading to your computer.

2. it will ask for username password and host.

3.connect your iphone in the computer.

4.go to your iphone setttings – wi-fi – then click the wifi connectivity (should have wireless connection) then search for the info IP ADDRESS.

5. type the ip address of your iphone to the host in winscp

6. type username “root” and alpine as “password”. (or the other way around?! just check if it connects then you’re in)

7. inside winscp you can see on the right side pane the directory files of your iphone and on the left side pane for your computer.

8. if you like to copy the videos from the iphone to your computer just browse in the iphone directory until you find a video folder.

9. you can also view and input applications inside winscp. that i havent tried it out yet but based from my reading it is under the folder var/mobile/

10. enjoy!

note: you can also use “iphonebrowser” but thats a different tutorial.


4 comments on “BROWSING the IPHONE Directory”

  1. wow new look na pala ang blog mo 😀 oopps… wlang kinalaman sa post mo:D

  2. halatang ngayon lang ako bumisita dito kasi feeling ko nawawala ako. walang connection to sa entry mo. nagpaparamdam lang. hehehe!

  3. magawa nga to.. hehehehe

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