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Aug 19 2009

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i told my colleague just the other day if he would like to know how to create a ringtone on his iphone and he said yes so i taught him. i told him it is for his own benefit because if he wants a ringtone out of his mp3 selections he can get it immediately even without going to a retail store and buy a ringtone there or over a net.

here’s how you can create your own ringtone out of mp3 selections..


1. open itunes 8.2

2.connect your iphone to your computer.no need for internet connection

3.open a mp3 file to your music playlists.

4. listen to what part of the song you would like from the time it will begin and the time it will end (as you desires)

5.remember or write down the starting time of the desired mp3 song and the ending time.

6.after  you write down the timing, go to the mp3 and right click on it and select “get info”

7.in the get info box, select “options” tab then tick on the start time and the end time and write down what you have written then press ok.

8.right click on the song again then select “create aac version.” notice that after selecting create aac version it will automatically create a duplicate of the song. if this happens then it is succesful.

9. now go to “user” folder located on the desktop then select “music” folder 

10. you will be able to see an itunes folder. click on it then go to “itunes music” folder.

11. this time you’ll be able to see lists of folders you have created using the aac version. select the type of song you have created then right click on it then select rename.

12. rename the file from “anewsong.m4a” to “anewsong.m4r

13.then go back to itunes and select FILE – ADD FILE

14. browse through the folder where “anewsong.m4r” is located and click ok.

15. select “ringtone” at itunes then drag the created ringtone to your iphone.

16. go to your iphone settings, then select ringtone. you will be able to check if the created ringtone is there. enjoy!!


6 comments on “IPHONE RINGTONES, anyone?”

  1. wula naman akong iphone
    gazillion years pa cguro bago ako magkaron nian,
    pero malay natin… hihi 🙂

    welcome back!
    mahina memorya ko
    pero parang naaalala ko na tong blog na to..
    apir! 😀

  2. sana ung iphone na lang mismo hahahaha

  3. naghanap ako ng gusto kong hanapin na post kaya ito nakita ko hindi dahil meron akong iphone kundi dahil meron akong ibubulong sa yo 😀 paki email mo naman ako as soon as possible ha, thanks!

  4. Hello, I found this page when i was searching for blogs related to ringtone. I have say, your site is good. I like the logo too, its nice. I don’t have much time at the moment to slowly read your blog but I have bookmarked it and I also subscribed for your RSS feed. I will be back in a day or two. Thanks for a helpful website.

  5. This is just what I want.

    Thank you for sharing this

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