PSP 3000 modding

By: gmacomics

Aug 18 2009

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recently one of my colleagues bought a psp3000 and gave to me so that i can put in some games. because i havent had any news on psp since my last one last year so i have no idea why my old games are not working on his psp. so i tried researching first the latest updates on psp and found out that sony has been producing psp’s now that can only play games through umd and not through memory stick. so this is the first step i guess.

then i tried searching how to put the games in the memory stick and make it playable. then i found out bout this application chickHEN. and so this is the second step. checking on the version of the psp was my third step and found it was ver 5.03 so it is all good since the steps to crack this psp down is through ver 5.03.

these are the next steps i’ve learned.

1. install chickHEN hack

2. install CFW Enabler


1. download first chickHEN R2-1 or chickHEN R2-2

2. Go to settings on your PSP and restore to default settings

3. turn off  UMD Autostart and UMD cache

4. connect your PSP to your PC

5. extract al files from the chickHEN archive you just downloaded

6. copy the file “h.bin” to the root directory of the memory card

7. copy the chickHEN folder in SLIM to “:\PSP\PHOTO”

8. then restart your psp

9. in your PSP, go to PHOTO then MEMORY STICK and wait for the options menu to appear. then press x to open the chickHEN folder

10. wait for it then you should be able to see a flash of color (in my case neon green) and your PSP will instantly reboot. after this process you’ll be able to find your PSP version as ”ver 5.03 chickHEN R2″ in systems settings


1. download CFW Enabler 3.01

2. note that you should have chickHEN installed first before proceeding in these steps.connect your PSP to your computer.

3. extract the files in CFW Enabler then copy the folder CFW Enabler to “:\PSP\GAME”

4. disconnect the PSP from the computer.

5. go to GAME – MEMORY STICK – CFW Enabler

6. after pressing x on CFW ENabler, it will boot up and press o then press x

after these steps your psp will reboot and you can now put ISO games to your mempry stick and play it directly on your memory card. enjoy!

note: try to google the installers and make some effort. you’ll find a lot of them through the net.these steps ive learned is factual and was done on hand.


7 comments on “PSP 3000 modding”

  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. is it really that easy to play iso games off your mem stick???

    ive looked else where & they talk about using pandora battery packs only using pro duo mem sticks etc..

    • yes it was that easy after a lot of reading and try.
      just download the correct applications and follow these steps.
      i was amazed too when i did it. though there are minor bugs to be fixed.

  3. can the psp 3000 firmware 5.55 be modded this way?

  4. i dont know where to find these utilities you used to modify your friends PSP 3000.. i saw some sites where i could download the utilities you mentioned but.. i dont know if there sites are safe for me to use… i would like you to provide the site where i could download the utilities you used… coz i care for my psp coz it is brand new..

  5. is chickhen r2 better than chickhen genA??

    coz i got chickhen gen A.. n its really hard to get to the recovey mode.. (flashing screen)..

    can u suggest an easier way to g to da recovey mode (flashing screen) for my psp 3k?

  6. is chickhen r2 better than chickhen genA??

    coz i got chickhen gen A.. n its really hard to get to the recovey mode.. (flashing screen)..

    can u suggest an easier way to g to da recovey mode (flashing screen) for my psp 3k?


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