this thread is filled up with webcobs already.

near extinct. i havent been updating this blog 6 months i guess?hehe. i have a lot to tell. and the problem is, do i have time? probably when i fix my laptop’s battery then i will. and since im goin on for a vacation this september i have to make this blog live again!

i miss blogging bout my daily activities. i havent been active into photography as well. i didnt knew that time have been passing on me too fast and ive been crawling up my priorities a little slower. i hope i can buy my dream phone before i go back to phil so i can blog anywhere i want just like tweeting around the net..

hoe you guys are alryt.. one more thing.. i dont know what happened to my theme. maybe wordpress did it. but its nice. im going to keep it for awhile. meanwhile do check some of the blogsites ive put up..



see you all….


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