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Aug 17 2009

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recently i have been busy. not of photography, not of music but with a lot of personal matter relationship and  gadgets! so this time its time to share what i have learned. i have posted this in my other wp account but i think it would be appropriate to just relive the memories here and not on a new blog. so here’s my share to those who have iphones, just leave a comment to what part you dont understood in my guidelines.. -gmac

iphones are very tricky when putting applications and it needs a lot of reading first before going through a lot of steps to make it a powerful handy phone.

last 2 months i read a lot of blogs, articles and forums just to check how to jailbreak iphone with firmware 2.2.1 and it really took my patience to the limits until i manage to get it done using not my iphone but my girlfriend’s. i did it and not only that i manage to jailbreak it but also i did a lot of tweakings to make it like a portable memory card and even try to view in the directory files of the iphone system.

so how did i manage to make it? before anything else, this month apple updated their firmware to ver 3.0.1 and so what ill be discussing here will  be the updated one. almost similar to the ver 2.2.1 and little add-ons. i would like point out that the installers ill be speaking of here should be downloaded by you. you should make an effort finding these installers. ill just guide you to series of steps that will help you make your iphone majestic. hehe.

so here is the first step..

INSTALLING ver 3.0 firmware:

1. you need to check your iphone’s version by going to SETTINGS – GENERAL – ABOUT then check the firmware version. if it is 2.2.1 you need to download the ipsw “iphone 1,2_3.0_7A341_restore.ipsw

2. after downloading the ipsw open itunes. note that your itunes must be version 8.2. if your itunes is not itunes8.2 then go to apple.com then download it from them.

3. when you open the itunes connect your iphone to your computer then wait for the itunes to connect with the device.

4. upon connection of iphone to itunes, go to your iphone then select restore. before you click on restore hold shift then click restore. it will automatically open a browser dialog box.

5. look for the ipsw you just downloaded and select it then hit open.

note: wait for the itunes to restore your iphone until such time it asks you if you want your iphone to restore as a new phone or just the same with the back up. do not select the restore as a new phone rather select the other option. then it will finish restoring your phone and your current version now will be updated to version 3.0 build 7a341. 


1. this is by far the most important thing to make your iphone powerful. ok so after doing the update to version 3.0  you’ll be needing “redsnow-win_0.7.1″

2. after downloading the redsnow, extract the files and put  and put it in your desktop inside a floder you can rename anywway you like it. as for me i put redsnow. then put inside the redsnow folder the ipsw you downloaded awhile back.

3. open redsnow.exe

then it will open a dialog box looking for an ipsw. click browse then search the ipsw and select it. afterwhich you have selected it it will go to another page wherein you wil be asked to install cydia. be sure that cydia is ticked.

4. before processidng and hitting next button, make sure itunes is not open and that your iphone is turned off. then if these are done, click next button.

5. be ready for it will direct you on what you should do next. you’ll be able to see that it is instructing you to hold the power button for 5 seconds then after that it will ask  you to hold the power button and home button same time for 10seconds then release the power button but not the home button for 25 seconds.

6. if you see that the running pineapple head is displayed on the screen of your iphone release the home button and wait for it until such time it will say that your phone is already jailbroken.

7. your iphone will reboot automatically and when it opens click the home button and slide to unlock.you’ll be able to see on your springboard the application cydia. when you see this, congratulations! your iphone is already jailbroken.


1. installous is needed to your iphone making it sync with your computer/itunes.

2. click cydia in your iphone. make sure you have wireless connectivity within range. then it will load cydia and  you’ll be able to see on the dock sources. click “sources” and click “edit” on the top right.

3. after clicking “edit” an “add” button will appear. click this one and type this repository -> http://cydia.hackulo.us then press add.

4. press add anyway after it asks you. then click done.

5. click cydia.hackulo.us and it will direct you to packages such as installous, crackulous, etc.

6. click installous then confirm then install.

7. after this it will ask you to restart cydia just hit that button then you’re done.

8.go to your springboard (main display of applications) then click installous.

9. go to settings of installous then slide the switch of itunes sync to “on”

10. you’re now done in making your iphone sync with your computer.


1. you should be able to see this inside cydia and you also need this.

2.click cydia then when you are inside, go to sources again then click cydia.hackulo.us then you will be able to see appsync 3.0 there.

3. just click it and install then confirm.


1. when you are inside cydia, at the dock click search.

2. type “openssh” then click on it and then install then confirm.

3. just follow the next step then do the same with sbsettings.

4. after this i think your done and you can now tweak, and play around your iphone.

5. there are packages wherein you can directly install it on your iphone using cydia with wireless connectivity.


1. open itunes 8.2

2. connect your iphone to your computer.

3. wait for the device to be connected in the itunes. when it is found, just click register later then continue.

4. your computer should have internet connection.

5.click itunes store.

6.click any “free applications” you see in itunes store.

7.hit download free app

8. it will ask for your email and some informations. click “none” on the list of visa or mastercard then answer some required informations.

9. remember your email and password.

10.go to email and click verification account on itunes.

11. after verification successful, go to “store” in itunes (located on top of itunes) then look for authorize computer

12.click the apple id and password.

13. congratulations your done.

14. you can now go to file and select file and browse for the downloaded ipa’s from your computer then drag it directly to your iphone just like dragging songs to your iphone from the music library.


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  1. thank u soooooooooooooooo much , it was very helpful for me

  2. wow…it’s really good information.
    thanks for share man, nice information 🙂

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