venture part 1

ok so i promise that i would do some sotry telling on my venture to singapore and malaysia along with it are tips you will find interesting and most helpful in case you might want to try it out.

to start with, singapore was on my list on places i wanted to go but i never thought of it being my first. for some reasons, it made me go there and i mean good reasons. so i placed an e-ticket reservation with the use of the cc of my friend and was charged during that time at the lowest possible rate  we can find at at 167 USD plus tax rate of 100USD in total would be 13,o8oPHP converted already.

one of my friend working at PAL told me that they have this 10 seater plane wherein you can avail international flights at the lowest rate you’ll see. it was rated i thnk around 4,500php round ticket already going to singapore. the only disadvantage besides being a 10 seater plane is that no meals included. bah! who would wanted a meal anyways on a 3 hours ride to singapore. so why in the world dindt i avail of this? simple, no more slots for me. so if you are thinking on booking on this lowest rate they have, then might as well have your booking as early as possible so you would get accomodated.

going back, i paid my friend the 13,000PHP and got my itinerary booking schedule. i guess one thing that made it expensive also was that im going to singapore on the hinghlight of chinese new year which was celebrated jan 27. one reminder is that if you used another cc(credit card) which is not under your name then i suggest you photocopy on the front ONLY of the cc and any valid ID with picture under the signatory of the cardholder and staple it with along with the itinerary. NEVER photocopy the back of the cc where the CVC number can be seen.

my first problem encountered:  ok so i got up 7am in the morning on the day of my flight and as check the necessary things that i should bring before leaving. too bad, that time i wasnt able to read the note and reminder to bring the photocopy of the cardholder’s cc and his valid id so upon seeing it, i immediately called my friend and ask him if he could photocopy these things. so he got up but the problem is there is no available fax machine or internet that time. but there was another problem.

my second problem encountered:  i was caught up in a traffic jam at EDSA. it was already 9am and im still there. so i went on an mrt ride and was thinking on riding another cab at the last station which i did and i arrived at centennial airport terminal 2 around 945am. i was late already and the plane was off the ramp.

so guys another reminder, dont go making yourself caught up on traffic jam on weekdays instead go to the airport early and i mean early in the morning if you have a morning flight schedule.

so i have two problems. i need the documents and i was late. not bad for a first timer. (lol). so i went on the information booth in the middle of the terminal they told me that if i wanted to continue on my tour, then i have to wait for the next flight and pay another 100usd for the “go show” if i heard it right. of course i wanted to go so i went to the nearest cashier area of PAL and pay them the sum of 100usd so i can get on the next flight which that time will be around 230pm.  NICE! i woke up 7am and there  i was waiting for the documents to be sent on the fax machine on their lobby area/PR office and for the next fligh flight in the afternoon. also i was called of bein a chance passenger.

so if this happens to you. here are the tips. after you pay the amount of 100usd for the go show you must have the photocopied documents or you can ask your friend to scan the front ONLY of the cc and another scan of the valid id so in total 2 jpeg pictures. then ask one staff of PAL in the information booth to give their email addresses so thay can check on it through email. remember DO NOT scan the back of the cc which contains the valuable information or CVC number. after they recieved it they will put note on your itinerary with their signatories so when you go to the ticketing office they will not question the integrity of your payment. never mind the fax machine because it will produce poor quality image on the end part meaning unreadable documents.  then go to the ticketing office outside the terminal and register yourself being a chance passenger on the next flight. then afterwhich wait for the next flight.

so it was already 130pm and they are accpeting check in luggages. i fall in line but when it was my turn, the attendant printed my ticket but put me on hold because i was a chance passenger already. 230pm was the time fo flight and it was already 2pm when they gave me the ticket and accept my baggage for check in. so i immediately ran to the cashier to pay travel tax of 1,600PHP.  then another payment of 750PHP for custom tax (i think) and fall in line on the immigration. another problem encountered…

my third problem encountered: the immigration officer of the day asked me where i was going in singapore. i told her im doing a 5 days tour there and if she’s asking me where im going to reside i told her its a vacation so probably on a hotel. this made the officer furious which i dont know why. she told me to tell her where im exactly going to temporarily reside and if i want my money back then i have to declare PAL to cancel my booking or my flight.  my thoughts that time, this lady is nonsense. but instead of getting mad, i went on another line and write down the address of my friend’s place. and on the other line this guy ask me the same question. i was thinking what is the problem of these people if i wanted to have a vacation tour in singapore and they needed exact information what im going to do there. in the end the guy asked me if i have an ocw card. so i looked for my card and showed it to him.

the officer of that day went to me and these are the words she left me “BABALIK KA HA!!!” (pointing her fingers at me)

at this point, i wanted to shout also to her but i dont want to go on her level so after the guy stamped my passport with clearance i immediately went to the gate where i was supposed to get off to. but the plane was again off the ramp and so i have to ride this coaster-like vehicle going to the plane.

i was on the plane at last. bad days yes but all of it were erased when i was on the plane.

i just thought that people sometimes get a little stereotype to others. i hope they lessen their being judgmental. just because too many pinoy are going on hide at other countries doesnt mean we all are. probably that lady just had her bad hair days. hehehe.

to be continued…….


15 comments on “venture part 1”

  1. dame problems na naencounter pero sulit naman ang trip diba???

  2. are you with yen? I thought she also goes to malaysia 🙂

  3. malas naman pre.. pero at least you had a wonderful vacation and you took very beautiful pictures! pagpasensyahan mo na yung mga taong mapag judge.. hindi sila worth na patulan.. ingats pre!

  4. LOL this reminded me of my trip to crazy trip to palawan

  5. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog.. Keep up the good work.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care.. Cheers mate!!!

  6. hehehe… kapag minalas ka nga naman po ano? ang mahalaga nag enjoy ka…

  7. ang saya naman! dito p lang sa pinas adventure na 🙂 kelan kya yung kasunod? teka balik kpa ng M.E.?

  8. wow! nakaka enjoy naman tlga yan kuya gmac!hehehe…

    ingat po parati 🙂

  9. bad hair day? langya naman parang di lang buhok niya ang pangit ng araw na yun, parang pati ata ugali nya sinamaan… ahehe.. okay lang yan at least nakalipad ka pa rin.. enjoy ka dun… ahehe…cheers;p-glesy the great

  10. hey friendster! musta na?

  11. ganun din dati ang experiences nun papunta ng mga kabayan sa dubai… pati pala sa singapore…

  12. Hi Jumel, nice story here! San ka na ba bakit walang part 2 of the story? I hope all is well out there! Ingat!

  13. annyong! bumibisita mula sa kamukhang blog layout :p
    god blees po 🙂

  14. *bless :p

  15. kuya gmac bagong bahay ah… anong update?

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