FLICKWIZ answers

ive come across my email this quiz from nescafe and i think its those somewhat relaxing things to do when you’re really stressed out. i managed to answer all of them with the help of my friends.

so here are the answers in order.


you can check out and try on your own at this site.

answers were done in collaboration with my colleague “panget” aka hannah calub.big thanks to her for answers like robocop, back to the future, captain barbell and godzilla. 

1. king kong 2. harry potter 3. matrix 4. the ring 5. moulin rouge 6. transformers 7. robocop 8. lord of the rings 9. kung fu panda 10. batman 11. back to the future 12. e.t. 13.titanic 14. ratatouille 15. pinocchio 16. planet of the apes 17. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 18. godzilla 19. school of rock 20. spiderman  21. captain barbell  22. nutty professor  23. superman  24. kill bill


9 comments on “FLICKWIZ answers”

  1. nagpunta ako sa flicker mo… astig!!!! nasabi ko na bang bow ako sayo.. pwes, sinasabi ko na sayo ngayon… bravo… ahehehe.. yung undying love saka yung matanda.. galeng.. ahehe redundant? cheers;p-glesy the great

  2. hey friend! musta na?

  3. hi guys. im still adjusting kaya mejo di pa makagalaw. hehehe. will be seeing you soon!! thanks for visiting!

  4. hehe galeng naman nyan.

    kamusta ka na kuya?? nasa pinas ka pa din??

  5. Magandang pass time yan, nangangamusta lang din 😉


  6. ay, aliw…sasagutan ko to

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  8. wow! naalala ko lang nung xmas party namin..may palaro ang faculty na ganyan…naku! nakakatawa…hehehe…pasagutan ba daw ang mga Internation Studies faculty ng malalalim na tagalog…heheheh

    miss ko na kuya gmac ko…bat dna xa prmdam kay mayyang?hmmmm…cguro busy xa…hehehe… *may tama ba kuya gmac?hehehe

    ingat po.. namimiss ka ng blog q kuya 🙂

  9. PERFECT KAMI! answer sa number 17 is eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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