keep the fire burning – a prayer

By: gmacomics

Jan 27 2009

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as what ive promised ifoundme regarding total awareness of those people suffering on cancer disease. i would like to dedicate this post to them. i think they deserve the means to still be called one of us. this is a picture ive taken during my trip to singapore at night safari.

with all the things happening in this world

with all the things that make us busy

at this very moment, Lord we ask for your presence, grace and mercy

as we remember those people whom time may have forgotten but we wont

those people whom have been scarred by their physical body

those people affected by the disease we call cancer..

Lord, we lift them up to you with humble hearts and belief that with your power you will cover these people with comfort and grace

that your purpose in their lives has a reason for it all just like you have for each and everyone of us.

we remember them oh God that even if we know medically it would be impossible for healing to be upon them but like what you said in Your Word

that by Your stripes we are healed and that if anyone of us ask by the Father in heaven it will be given to us.

right now Lord, we pray for healing to be amongst them.

and that their families will be comforted by your great compassion and love

we pray that let the fire of hope keeps burning in their hearts

and that your glory be revealed in their hearts and eyes.

this is our prayer with deep sincerity and love.



i encourage to those readers of this blog to share their own participation, may it be a prayer, a picture, poem to dedicate to those cancer patients as part of the total awareness of the disease and remember those people deserve some love even in the midst of their suffering. if you want to know more of it you can visit ifoundme and check out on her blog re the matter.


6 comments on “keep the fire burning – a prayer”

  1. […] gmacomics –  keep the fire burning – a prayer […]

  2. Hi gmacomics!
    This is my 1st time here. I am also IFM’s friend.
    Just want to share my contribution.

    In my post, I added your link on the list of those who have already joined the ‘caravan’.

    Babalik ako ulit dito to read your blogs.
    You are also welcome in my “siopawan”.
    God bless!

  3. amen to this kuya gmac. 😉

    “let the healing hands of God touch these (cancer patients) people.”

  4. nice composition paremoy… keep it up! saludo ako sa iyo!

  5. amen… madami na akong nakita na cancer patients at naniniwala akong they deserve a minute of our prayers… nice one.. cheers;p-glesy the great

  6. amen master!!hohohoho..

    wala ng tatalo pa sa prayers!

    at isa pa ang ganda na naman ng kuha mo.. 🙂

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