january 25

By: gmacomics

Jan 25 2009

Category: living the dust


yes! this is the most memorable, happiest vacation i ever had.

yes! there is nothing more to say and i was speechless.

yes! for one year til now i have been waiting for this time to come.

yes! God really is amazing and He does His promises if only we learn to put our faith in Him with no hesitation.

yes! this was her answer…..

and yes! i will take care and love you up to the last breath ill ever breathe on this earth. i love you so much JAM and im telling the whole world i really do!


10 comments on “january 25”

  1. aaaaw.. im si happy for you!!!… kilig kilig too.. ahahahaha

  2. aba’t inlababo ang kuya gmac! congrats! *kilig*

    ako kaya kelan? hmmm

  3. wowwww!!! sa wakas! congrats to both of you! sobrang kilig ko ng mabasa ko to. hahaha!

  4. ay! inlove ang kuya gmac ko!hehehe…

    YES!… God bless you both! be happy po 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for your Lunar New Year greetings!! 🙂

  6. parang may naglalakad na langgam dito sa blog na to..

    uy master gmac INLOVE!!yeeey!!!

  7. Happy Lunar New Year to you!!! 😉
    I always thought you were Philipino, sorry ’bout that…

  8. salamt guys, ngayon lang ulit ito at naway tuluy tuloy na. hehe

    hi elaine, yes im a Filipino but my grandpa is pure chinese.

  9. nag-yes talaga siya? di nga??

    Y E S namaan….answiiit! 🙂

    napakaswerti naman ni JAM mo sau! Sana poreber en eber na yan ah gmac. 🙂

  10. para kang si jim ah pa-yes yes lang 😀
    katuwa naman inspired ka na nyan lalo! happy ang valentines pala 😀

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