christmas in RIYADH

By: gmacomics

Dec 28 2008

Category: CHRONICLES of a photographer, inspiration, living the dust, photography


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D300

december 24, we were traversing along a 4 lane highway going to riyadh. i cant believe im going to celebrate Christmas in the middle east but not only that. ill be going in the central or lets just say capital of saudi arabia and find time in christmas eve far away from my friends.

well as what they use to say here… “why like these? oh well, what to do?”

whats worse about this trip was i forgot my true love(450d) and left it lying on the cottons of my crib. but.. yes i was able to bring something more, maybe not what im use to hold but with a higher spec than my true love. still nothing beats my first cam. so to continue, i brought along d300 with me!

the only thing im complaining about going to riyadh was one, along th highway i encountered nothing, no subject except what you will see later as i post em. second, my colleague and i wasnt able to circle around the city after our business purpose there just because i still want to go to rakah’s Christmas party, december 25 so d300 left me nothing except these shots..





no editing done here.

more shots at my flickr. kindly visit em here


2 comments on “christmas in RIYADH”

  1. *hinimatay*

    paksyet hangganda!

  2. ang gnada talag kuhanan ng pik ang desert lalo na ung magpapakita pa lang si haring araw..

    clap clap clap..master…

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