few days back, little sam, our cute kid neighbor almost broke a nose for doing an almost unimaginable somersault while playing. he was playing on the slide inside their flat and saw some of his playmates doing the standing position while sliding. without hesitation seeing his playmates, he did the same thing and slided down with face front first crashing to the sofa.

good thing he didnt break his nose or had a serious injury on the bump. instead his face redden and after i got back from riyadh, here is little sam and the memory of the inevitable somersault crash on his face. but one thing is for sure, he sure is cute!! hehehe

and if you like to see the other neighbor kid that defines god looking. here is daniel.



5 comments on “SAMersault”

  1. wow! both guys are cute. so huggable and i wanna pinch their cheecks til they get red. so they don’t need to slide down on anything for a red bump. lol!

    and i guess am the first commenter too in here…after christmas ba? 🙂

    thanks po for the visit today.

  2. omaygawd ang kukyut naman nila! hihintayin ko silaaa…. nyahahaha

  3. ang cute ni little sam..mejo long hair na sya..

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