Christmas brings reconciliation

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:13-14 (NIV)

Peace on earth and good will toward men – that’s reconciliation.

What is reconciliation? It’s when a broken relationship is restored. When a boyfriend and girlfriend or a husband and wife get back together, there’s reconciliation. When a father and son restore peace between each other, there’s reconciliation.

Where do you need peace in your life this Christmas? That’s what Christmas is all about – peace on earth, good will toward men. I asked people, “Where would you like to see peace?” These are the answers I got:

· “I’d like to see peace in the broken families.”

· “I’d love to see peace in politics.”

· “With each other.”

· “In my heart.”

· “I’d like to see it at home.”

· “I’d like to see peace in my life.”

· “Peace? Right in this country of ours.”

· “Everywhere!”

Everywhere! Is it realistic to have peace everywhere? Isn’t it just a pipe dream to hope for peace on earth, good will toward men?

There will never be peace in the world until there is peace in nations.

And there will never be peace in nations until there is peace in communities.

And there will never be peace in communities until there is peace in families.

And there will never be peace in families untl there is peace in individuals.

And there will never be peace in individuals until we invite the Prince of Peace – Jesus – to reign in our hearts.


13 comments on “Christmas brings reconciliation”

  1. peace in our hearts and our souls, the best gifts!

  2. Sana nga maging peaceful na ang mga darating na taon para sa ating lahat. Merry Christmas sa iyo at Maraming salamat sa makabuluhang post na ito.

    Peace on earth and good will toward men – that’s reconciliation.

    Link kita ha.

  3. Nice post gmac!

    If we have the true reason for Christmas in our hearts, Jesus Christ that is, it would be easier to spread God’s love at magkaron ng peace around the universe!

    Merry Christmas! Ü

  4. Hello kuya!

    Have a peaceful christmas to you amd to your Family 🙂

    *bakasyon muna aq..ingat ingat 🙂

  5. bumalik para mag iwan ng

    meri krismas!

  6. tear-eyed nmn ako dito… jhums, i love this! i remember my aunt calling us last christmas (she’s in new york) and asking what i wanted. i jokingly said, “peace on earth and goodwill to all men!” hahahaha may tension kasi sa family that time… haaay… sana nga, peace to us all. 😀 merry christmas jhums!

  7. peace sa puso, family at buong earth. yan ang tunay na simbulo ng pasko. naku lumalim na naman ako. anyway merry christmas! from painuminmoko. here’s an ECARD for you. 🙂

  8. amen to dat! Hope everyone will be able to get the message.

    Meri xmas, peace to everyone!

  9. “xmas..where people happens..”

    woot parang NBA ang dating nyahahaha..asahan nyo madami na namng manganganak ng takte mali..

    merry xmas to u and ur clan master gmac!!
    peace, love and harmony..(wak makalimutan ang gift ha?lalo na ung sa akin.. :p

  10. sa may bahay ang aming bati merry xmas na malwalhati!!! Mamamasko po!!!!!

    wala munang diet-diet.. let go and let’s eat!!!!
    wala munang galit-galit… forgive and forget!!!!
    wala munang malungkot… sit back, relax and enjoy..

    dahil Birthday ni Papa Jesus!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BJ (baby jesus)!!!
    cheers;p-glesy the great

  11. Milad Majeed Habibi!!!!have a wonderful one!:):):)

  12. Merry Christmas!! May u Have a Blessed and Peaceful Life in this coming year…at dapat ka nang mag asawa hehehe..salamat sa pagtawag nung 24…kakatouch naman..hehehe..

  13. Hey friend!

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

    Ingats lagi 🙂

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