let me share two of my pictures that have been explored. at first i wasnt aware of this until one of my colleagues posted a topic in flickr regarding pictures being explored.  well basically explored means that your image has been picked as one of the top 500 pictures in flickr daily. and its a great honor that your picture will be chosen as one of those thousands of pictures being uploaded everyday.

so here is two of my pictures that had been explore last october 29, 2008 and november 3, 2008 correspondingly…



you can also visit my images at flickr on this link–> http://flickr.com/photos/gmacomics

to check more on explored photos at flickr click here.


10 comments on “EXplored”

  1. bakit ba kasi nauna kang bumili..hehehehehe

  2. these are great shots.. i’m not surprised it got picked 😀

  3. galing naman talaga e.

  4. weeeeee ang susyal! it’s like being at the wordpress dashboard as the fastest growing blogs diba? i feel the same thing pag may thread sa blogstats ko galing sa dashboard LOL alam mo you really have a knack for photography these are verywarm and you capture the magic of life in it it’s like these pictures are speaking at me, warmly, telling me a story that only the three of us will share.

  5. wow! grabe…sino ba naman ang d magagandahan dyan kuya…

    galing tlga!

  6. kuya gmac panalo talaga mga larawan mo… sobrang elegante pa ng mga kuha! panalo!

  7. you did it again! ang galing!

  8. talent!

    madaming nagpapaka photographer iilan lang kayong may natural na kakayahang kumuha ng magandang larawan yung iba wala lang bumili lang ng camera para makiuso

  9. whatttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amazing pictures….(“,)

  10. di na ku nagulat na it got exlored. alamu namang i really adore your shots. congrats! Ü

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