UNfinished TAGS

By: gmacomics

Dec 14 2008

Category: taya-tayaan


first up i would like to thank muymuy for giving the awards and such. i am one of those blessed randomly picked by these pretty gal. sorry for the dealy in posting this. as the saying goes better late than never. so here goes.

the rules are tag at least 10 people which i will not be following since all of those friends i knew into blogging have already been tagged by this award which leaves less work for me. i guess. hehehe. enought talking, here is the icon award or should i say token icon??


another award i received from my online buddy muymuy is this award and this time with a different rule that i have to define 10 facts about gmacomics. hmmnnn, thats hard. at least the award says that im cute. so here goes the award.

ok so here goes the facts.

1.im a music lover. genre would be anything goes as long as it is pleasing to my ears.

2.i love watching movies.

3.im a guitar player currently into bass playing.

4.into photography basically as a hobby only for now..

5.i would love to go around the world for a trip and visit the seven wonders of the world.

6.i hate liars

7.i am collecting statues and busts simply because i love collecting.

8.im currently residing in saudi arabia 2 hours away from my work.

9.i am a multitasker

10.in everything I do, i put God first. im a BA Christian.

special thanks to r-nie for the same award.


4 comments on “UNfinished TAGS”

  1. yey!special mention!naiiyak naman ako huhu!baliw!bwahahaha! :)thanks!

  2. yah! i hate liars too kuya…

    go go go!heheheh..

    naipon ang mga tag..naku!

  3. @rnie, buti pala nakita ko sa homepage mo na nitag mo ako. hahaha.

    @mayyang, tama liars are not to be tolerated. hehehe.

  4. wow naman ang saya ko ngayon pramis:-)

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