i have been putting up a chronicle of my own venture here in the middle east alongside my camera 450d at multiply unfortunately most of my friends who are fond of reading can be seen here in wp so i think id better put them all here as well. so here’s my first story on chronicles of a photographer…

last nyt rumors says that it will be the biggest full moon of the century.. i glance at my window pane and saw how bright the moon was until i pulled up an nd filter i bought awhile back and saw the spots and and crates of the moon!!

so i started shooting with the use of my tripod and my 70-300mm lens. of course it was not that big because of incapabality to do so, zoom more. so what i did, cropped the image and zoomed it and save as jpg in my desktop, walaah!! a shot of the moon with the use of my 450d. it was right after i watch twilight that i saw this image and said to myself what the heck, why not try?

you can view a larger image on my flickr account or in one of my albums.. enjoy!


9 comments on “TWILIGHT”

  1. Nice capture of the moon 🙂

    p/s: I wonder why you can’t see these in my flickr too…hhmmmm

  2. tol ang ganda.. grabe kung may ganyan din siguro akong cam. kukuha din ako ng ganyan. the best! 🙂

  3. hi gmac! how are you friendster!

    you’ve got new great pics! Ah, nai-inspire na naman ako. hehehe.

  4. breathe taking!!!nakakainlove!:)-shukran yah habibi:)

  5. elaine, probably because too many accounts i have accepted and invited to be my contacts. anyways im always looking forward on your pics at flickr.

    walongbote, salamat ng marami! bili ka na din,., hehehe.

    bt, friend!!! musta na? hehe. long time ah. sensya na nagpapakabusy ako. hehe.

    hi lush, kita mo ba ung moon? ganda noh? ahihiihi

  6. hi j, thanks sa visit ha. sure share ta sa cake. sa bohol ko na gipalit. hahaha

  7. ganda ganda naman! turuan mo na ako no! ehehehe!

  8. wow! ang ganda naman ng pagkakakuha mo kuya gmac!

    pinapabilib mo talaga ako kuya…heheh..

    *ok lang po ako..medyo sad parin pero i want to be happy kasi lapit na ang x’mas…heheh

    stay safe kuya 🙂

  9. BEST PIC! PD hopefully makabili din ako nang cam..d ko pa sya priority but pinag iisipan ko din..paturo ha? hehehe..

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