i know i can never go back to the way it were before. probably it was for the betterment for each and every member that made part on it. there had been good laughs, issues to talk about, there had even been struggles and pressures but one thing i love about it. we all grew in this and we all love what we made ourselves into.

UNDERTONES, our band. all acoustic band.

as far as i know, they had change the name into SUGAR COATED PILLS. i have been part of it for about 4years i think not until now. all things has ending on its own, i guess. i miss the times im striking those strings with my pick hearing the rest of the crew do their solos as well. we have been into a lot of bars in quezon city, manila and even tried doing mall tours. but we were just low profilers. we wanted to spend time doing our pastime, and that is music. theres a lot to miss in this band and i know in time we will reunite once again probably not for the purpose of playing on bars just like we used to but for sure it will be a grand evening jamming with my friends again.

here are some of the mucis we used to play that i missed. someone out there triggered the memories of these songs we used to sing in local bars.

crash into me – dave matthews

ants marching – dave matthews

somewhere in the middle – dishwalla

home – dishwalla

a promise to make – dakota moon

sleeping satellite – tasmin archer

island in the sun(?) – weezer

love song – 311

amber – 311

this love – maroon 5

she will be loved – maroon five

wont go home without you – maroon five

your body is a wonderland – john mayer

georgia – john mayer

you and i both – jason mraz

summer breeze – jason mraz

close to you – a classic song

cross my heart – another classic song

someday – sugar ray

umbrella – rihanna (acoustic version)

billie jean – michael jackson

like a virgin – incubus version

sitting and waiting – jack johnson

chasing cars – snow patrol

clockwatching – jason mraz

and a whole lot more i cant remember anymore. hehehe.


13 comments on “UNDERTONES”

  1. wala ako macomment. speachless ako sa talent mo. ampf.. meron na pala na type.. hahaha sana makarinig nmn ng mga songs na yan.. specially yung jason mraz at john mayer… pede request??! 😀

  2. i love a promise to make by dakota moon…makes me smile:)

  3. sana may video or some recordings which we can listen…


    ifm yung mga videos nasa vocalist namin. anyways i have uploaded one of our song in my multiply page. kindly check it out here.

  4. WOW! Napaka TALENTED pala nang PD ko! nyahahaha
    makaka jam din tayo soon…hehehe..
    parang Inspired yata ang Diary ko?
    hahaha..cge sekwet nalang un…
    Godbless Po!

  5. punk, rock, reggae pala trip mo gmac..hehehe pinakagusto ko ung AMBER anak ng tokwa’t baboy 50 first date ata yan..tsk.. 🙂

  6. ayan, lumalabas na naman ang mga talent ng mga kablog kong pinoy!


    hehehe. salamat kengkay!

  7. …parang narinig ko na yung sugar coated pill na yan..pamilyar talga!..hindi ko lang alam kung sa bar ko narinig o sa kung saan man..basta pamilyar sakin eh…


    saan mo narinig muymuy? kung nagcall center ka malamang nga kasi ilang beses na kami ni hire ng call center. kung sa congressional ave. ka malapit malamang nga kilala mo kami. hehehe.

  8. I used to be a band member as well, drums hawak ko. Nakakamiss nga tumugtog pre. Nice choice of songs by the way.

  9. at dahil na discover ko ang ReverbNation sa’yo.. tag na kita: http://apple-springeternal.blogspot.com/2008/11/tagged.html

    hehehe kewl songs Jhums!

  10. mahilig ako sa alternatives!!! love dishwalla pero di ako kumakanta ha wala akong talent sa music.. i love music but apparently music doesn’t love me.. ahahahaha

    wala bang sample jan… angels and devils ng dishwalla!!! cheers… ilabu na talaga ahahahahaha

  11. galeng!

    at sobrang love ko yung ilan sa mga sinabi mong kanta, lalo na yung crash into me tsaka love song kasi sobrang memorable sakin yan.

    ganyan talaga, minsan may mga bagay na hindi naglalast forever. ang mahalaga, you have good memories of your band.

  12. dahil love ko ung A PROMISE I MAKE


  13. Aba! Musically inclined ka pa pala, friendster! 😉

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