the five

By: gmacomics

Nov 15 2008

Category: CONTEST, living the dust


we just finished our basketball tournament in the hospital. unfortunately we won 2nd place only but didnt matter because we were the underdog team and who would have imagine our team going on in the finals.

so much of inter departmental tourney, i went last night in another tournament but this time outside the hospital. it was our first game for the semi finals of our team. the only problem we encountered las night was we are short of players. as in really short. our team has only five players attending because it was weekend and a lot my team mates have their family day off somewhere. probably will do the same thing if i have family of my own. (hehehe). so since we were only five, what we needed was long stamina and no fouls.

the game started and we paved the court to a 13-4 score ended at 24-20 on the first quarter in favor of our team. one more problem we encountered, we have no water. hehehe. it was one bad day i guess. good thing my dad arrived from a meeting and got us one case of bottled water. the game continued to a close 2 point difference from 2nd quarter reaching to the 4th quarter and our team behind 8 points. with extreme aggresiveness, we went on a lead of 2 points down to the last minute of 4th quarter. but after the time out our defenses broke down and we were left behind by 5points with 33seconds remaining on the last quarter.

using our remaining fouls we made a comeback and cut the lead down to 2points with 7seconds remaining. it was the last foul throw of my teammate. ont hing on our mind. if this will not shoot, then it is time to die for the ball. the spectators were filled with excitement as my teammate throws the ball in the air and hit the board bouncing out of the net i caught for the ball but because we were outnumbered the ball slipped going to my teammate who threw the foul throw and with 2 seconds remaining jumped off and threw another one.

basket!!! everyone jumped to their feet! overtime! the comittee announced it was overtime!

another 5 minutes for the battle against one single purpose, win that night. because we were overly tired and our shoulders almost touching the ground we still didnt lose hope and continue to play ball. the first 3minutes was a bad start. we were down with 8points lead. then we made our composure once again and cut the lead to 3 points. it was 25seconds when the lead was down to 1point but again builded up to 4points on the last 10seconds. 8seconds and it was our ball. my team mate rush dribbling the ball for 3 points and with 5seconds remaining made the basket again! so it was down to 1 point lead by our rivals. but then there wasnt any more time after. so in short we lose. bad ending i guess. but at least with only 5 players we made a great game exciting for them.

i hope next time we will be complete. now, im super exhausted and tired.


7 comments on “the five”

  1. Taena English. Parang ibang Gmac na kaasaran namin ni Potpot. 😆


    nyahahahaha! hindi ako gumawa nyan. ung kambal ko. kala mo ikaw lang merong kambal ha. hehehe.

  2. what’s wrong with 2nd place? hehehe! ok lang yan.. at least you won’t feel the pressure of retaining the title when you play next year. hehehe! pampalubag loob yan… namimiss ko na rin maglaro ng basketball. do you know that back in high school i was the one who pioneered our girls basketball team that also won as champion for the whole bacolod city private schools? wala lang…. nagmamaybang lang ako. hehehe!


    no kidding ifm?!! super talented ka pala. biruin mo bball player then photographer tapos writer! lufet!

  3. Ok lang yan PD! Ang importante masaya ang laro…hehehe
    Next time First na yan.. Sobra namang hectic…
    este *STRESSFUL* pala yung Sched mu…

    Lets GO!
    Lets FIGHT!
    Lets WIN!
    GO! PD GMACs!!!

    ayan na ha? CHEERleader ako..nyahahaha…


    nyahahaha, may cheerleader pala sa cybernet. hehehe. thanks MJ!

  4. by the time i got to the last paragraph i can feel the exhaustion as well. pero langya! ang galing n’yo naman! nakatagal kayo ng buong game may overtime pa. kahit d kayo nanalo sa points panalo parin kayo in spirit! waaah!


    hi ara! nice of you to drop by. yup we win in spirit. hehehehe. at least di ba. muntik pa manalo. and we gave them a gerat game. hehe.

  5. once nag enjoy ka winner ka na din!

    go kuya! 😉


    yes yhen nagenjoy kami! hehehe. sayang kinapos lang talaga. hehehe

  6. oks na yun pards 😀 ganun? may kambal ka rin palang nagiinglis? ako meron din, hahaha

  7. ay!heheheh.. basketball playet pla ang kuya ko ah…

    hope you get the 1st next time kuya.. more practice pa!heheheh..

    *pasensiya na kung ngayon lang nakadalaw.. medyo busy po e.. 🙂

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