the theme for photohunt is together. so im submitting an entry which i took from our fishing last friday with these two kids digging sands together. for more amazing photos on photohunt click here. also this is my entry for creative photography 2nd week for november which can be seen here.

hope you liked it guys! enjoy and have a great week!

you can also check my flickr account seen on the right column or click here


17 comments on “CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY (2) & PHOTOHUNT (together)”

  1. fits the theme well. would have loved to see the catch from the fishing trip though 🙂


    thanks bengbeng! will post them as soon as i finish processing some of the pics.

  2. They are far apart digging sand together. Photo looks like a painting. Lovely!

  3. This is an awesome shot! I love that tiny little blue chair!

  4. as usual…. ano pa ba sasabihin ko? ang ganda!!!!! dadating din ako dyan… hehehhe!


    thank you ifm! turo ko din sa u yang ginawa ko sa picture na ito if you like, hehehe. sa cs3 na sya but color manip still on lr..meron na nga palang lr ver 3! pede na magcolor burn at dodge!! wohoooo!

  5. hmmmm… another nice shot kuya!

    pinapahanga mo talaga ako sa iyong aking galing!

    Keep it up!


    salamat mayyang! im glad you liked it. musta na pow?

  6. A canvas print that will look good in the living room 🙂
    A beautiful shot!

  7. I had the same thought as Napaboaniya – it looks like a painting on canvas. Beautiful image and rich colors!

  8. wow very nice. did u cross process your photo? the color is nice 🙂

  9. sige! turo mo sakin! alam mo, di ko alam kung ano nangyari dun sa nadownload kong LR. hahahah! try ko ulit….

  10. hello kuya!

    hmmmmm….am not ok po.. : (

  11. galeng! ibang klase ang dating nung blue!

  12. Very nice photo here. I like the angle you caught. They are together, yet separate.

    Good luck in Roger’s contest.

  13. Interesting colorization technique

    good luck

  14. Awesome job! I dig the depth and texture you edited in here.

  15. thanks patti and bond!

    @roger, thanks too! ive been inspired with your editing techniques thats why i explored a little.

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