poetry and photography… part 2

poem by brainteaser


On days when gloom seems to take up a semi-permanent residence in all the corners of your heart; when all the windows are closed and there seems no other way out; when everyone is gone and all you have is the wretched company of hopelessness; may you not forget the promise of the open door:


that it shall stay there, somewhere along the dark, cold corridors of your life; right next to the rubbles of your shattered dreams; at the bottom of the quicksand that seems to swallow you whole; to lead your unrelenting hope to the welcoming arms of realization, where your dreams shall give birth to fruition.


Keep walking, my friend, no matter that your steps at times stagger, for only by not stopping in your search will you be able to find the door that’s been left wide open for you somewhere.


Copyright 2008 by Sherma Espino Benosa.

lines and pictures….in collaboration with brainteaser. i would like to thank sherma (brainteaser) for giving life life to my pictures through words and lines that are very striking and powerful. you are really are a telanted young lady my friend…


10 comments on “poetry and photography… part 2”

  1. I like the poem and the picture


    kuya jon of ngha??

  2. galeng talaga neto…. astig…cheers-glesy the great

  3. NO! kuya jon of CLSF Emmanuel Bachelors 2. hehehe

  4. Thanks friend. It was your great pics that did it. 🙂

  5. thanks for this post gmac! it made my day. i was actually not feeling good these past few days. have a great day! 🙂

  6. Oi tol inaabangan kita sa Plurk para sa picture ni Coach. 😆


    kirk hindi ako makapasok sa plurk ngayon eh. bad trip nga kanina pa.

  7. “that it shall stay there, somewhere along the dark, cold corridors of your life”

    i love it kuya! 🙂

  8. love the shadow…

    nice poem kuya!!!

  9. hi..astig ang photos mo! sherma, i also knew her and i admire her for her writings.

  10. I am beyond words. Simply beautiful, both the words and the picture.
    Great work you two 🙂

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