poetry and photography… part 1


father and son bonding

ENTHRALLED by brainteaser

I see reflections of your glory
In the still waters of your peace
Beckoning me to look deep
Into the calming shades of
Your humming silence.

Like a breeze,
I sway with the soft hues
Of your warm embrace.
My senses attuned to the scent
Of your magnificence.

My spirit begs to dive deep
Into your still waters
For a closer glimpse
Of the gift of inspiration
Swimming freely in your bosom.

My hands long to touch the
Face of your splendor
And trace the contours of your
Dreamy color.

But nay!
I shall not disturb
The tranquility of your smile.
Like a precious dream,
You are not to be tainted
By the imperfections
Of my errant thoughts.

I shall just watch you from afar —
A soft sigh escaping my enthralled lips
Each time your glow sows
Inspiration in my depths.

these lines have moved my spirit because of the powerful message from within. it was written by my friend brainteaser which you can check here. hope there’s more to come. you can also check my flickr account clicking the pictures on the right side of the column. enjoy and God Bless to all!


3 comments on “poetry and photography… part 1”

  1. what more can i say? ganda ng pic, ganda ng poem… i feel peaceful!

  2. That’s a breathtaking shot. The poem is beautiful.

  3. thanks ifm and rach!

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