i flu

By: gmacomics

Oct 31 2008

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the weathers changing here and im beginning to feel the chill inside of me. just this wednesday i got flu until now. not that bad but it still is irritating. tissues is a must have for me anywhere i go and i make it to a point that i wont forget that. the bad part is come start of november was the time i realized we have a free shot anti flu free in the hospital where im workin and its too late for me but tomorrow i think i still should get one because its not even the start of winter and im acquiring different kinds of strains of flu.

still it didnt stop me from doing a lot of stuff here. so we went fishing a while ago on our fave spot and because hig tide was the forecast we were happy we will be able to catch tons of fish, i guess. unfortunately, not even a single fish caught our bait. the waves are crashing hard on the bay and the wind as fierce so what i did, start shooting of course. and here are two of those i have edited already. more to come…..


6 comments on “i flu”

  1. As always.. wonderful pictures.

  2. nice nga…

    indi halatang me sakit ang kumuha hehe. 🙂

  3. galeng! at pagaleng ka din!

  4. ahmmm…hope your ok now kuya : )

    hmmm…pero nice shots!..galing mo tlga kuya..

  5. gmac..ayos talga mga shots mo..hihi!!!1 yr from now kaya ko na rin kumuha ng ganyng shots(sana)

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