busy days

By: gmacomics

Oct 29 2008

Category: FOOD, living the dust, photography


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

tiring as it was, the weeks that had passed was great and not that great at the same time. confused? i know but lemme tell you why.

lately i have been busy with a lot of things both in and out of work here in ME (middle east). we held the second pharmacy day here in the hospital and i was in charge of all technical responsibilities including coordinating and designing from posters to banners. so it was indeed a busy day for me because i was also in charge for documenting the whole event from clicking pictures to shooting videos and on the latter part, editing those.  but at the end of the day a greater reward awaits.the pharmacy coordinator gave me 2gb usb, shirt, mug, hand grip exercise, chest exercise equipments, keychain, pen,etc. freebies as they say. and now we are preparing for the JCIA(Joint Commission International Admission) for accreditation that the hospital is following the policies of international accreditation of hospitals.technical as we seems, we are still part of the hospital thus we need to prepare.

outside work related, ive been busy with activities such as coordinating photography workshop, guitar and keyboards workshop, birthdays, weekly service and now the anniversary of emmanuel church. from bass guitars ill be playing on the said event as lead guitars and its a whole new start for me again. its hard i know and hectic but im happy with what im doing and im glad even little kids participate on such sessions. ill be posting pictures of these kids during their guitar workshops. of course i also have some extra curricular activities of my own such as chillin out at starbucks (substitute for bars on gimmicks), 2 basketball leagues i have participated, and fishing with bacoco hunters.

 and finally to explain as to what happened to us last last week. we have been hit hard by a pick up early morning going to work. we’re passing as intersection en route when this pick up from nowhere bumped us head on to our passenger side back portion of the car and so we went 270degrees facing the other way around to a complete stop. good thing we’re both on our seatbelt because if not we’d probably be juggling inside the car. it was a horrible experience and so we check first if there was any injury before going out. we checked the car and it was badly damaged scraped off from the inside. thank God nothing happened to me and my dad. the only thing we suffered is now im hitching with my friends going to work. its just one of those bad days probably. its been 2 weeks i think and we will be able to drive the wheels two weeks from now.

whatta day, whatta week, and whatta month. buts its all good. busy, nevertheless happy. life is too good to waste being angry at all times. thank God im still alive.

also here are some of the shots i took with my friends along the coast.

bacoco hunters (my friends)

bacoco hunters (my friends)

 how bout you, whats keeping you busy?????


8 comments on “busy days”

  1. your too busy kuya….

    Thank God po talaga at safe kayo ng Father mo…
    (medyo nakakatakot po yung nangyari sa inyo ha…) i can’t imagine myself pag nangyari yun sa akin…

    Good is soooo Good all the Time!

    ..wow!pictures.. very nice shots kuya….

    hmmmm….what keeps me busy?
    ..naku kuya!..sobrang busy po ako ngayon dito sa office(d halata kc nkpgcomment ako sau)heheheh… andaming aayusing documents!hay…kaya madalang na lang aq makapost sa blog q..pero at least nkkdalaw ako sa inyong mga kaibigan ko d2 sa blogger world..(drama na naman c mayyang!)at saka busy pa rin ako sa pag eemote…hehehe..lam mo naman yun kuya dba?

    …Salamat sa mga message mo sa akin kuya ha… it’s inspire me a lot!

    Godbless always!

  2. God is soooo Good all the Time!

    —ooooops!sorry for the mistake… peace!


    hahahaha. hanggang ngayon pa pala naka switch on pa rin ang EMO MODE. hehehe.

  3. Great post, well sometimes life is busy… and that is good in some way..! and u have a amazing photos great pictures I liked it 🙂 keep it up!!!


    hi there angelie! sorry i wasnt able to catch ur link. hope its ok to exchange links. thanks and God bless!

  4. …whaaa..what is super toxic!! at least super productive naman.
    …grabe, car accident na naman..thank God wala nangyari senyo dad mo at sayo…
    …nice pix..loving the flamingo shot..so serene!!=)


    hahaha. oo grabe sommer super toxicity up to the highest level. hahaha.
    babalik nga kami ulit dun sa mga birds dahil marami sila eh pauwi na kami nung madaanan namin sila last week. tom we’ll catch more pics with em.

  5. It has been a busy week for me too and I’m so glad it’s Friday today!! 🙂
    The picture holding the sun up is beautiful 🙂
    Have a good weekend!

  6. busy ka nga… hehehhe! but even if you’re busy, you do not let it pass to take very beautiful photos…. ang galing!

  7. I so like the fact that after the photos of your damaged car, you posted wonderful pics.

    It’s like underscoring the point that life goes on… that there are so many beautiful things around to be angry… that you’re thankful your still alive.

    Such positive outlook in life.


    Good to know, too, that you and your dad are fine. 🙂

  8. Thank God ok kayo ng dad mo at walang nakaupo sa passenger seats. Grabe naman yung impact at buti na rin indi tumaob yung car. Konting ingat na lang po. 🙂

    by the way, gmac…ang nice ng pagkakakuha mo ah…favorite ko yung sunset…..i feel all sentimental already hehe..


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