really down to dust…

By: gmacomics

Oct 08 2008

Category: FOOD, living the dust



these are the words that best described what i am feeling right now. but it doesnt mean that i am in a mood for grouching because all of the energy cells i have used up were all put to good use. ramadan has ended and it only means holidays and tinkering gadgets at home from morning till afternoon are over as well. it was a great holiday though. we held a tournament of all ball games last week, photography workshop, fishing, weekly birthdays, and hanging out with friends at baher and starcbucks.

and now, im here at my desk trying to relive the those high times which i think is just the beginning of all. later, im on a basketball practice, friday will be the guitar workshop and the church service, tomorrow will be the acute pain management workshop, friday again will be fishing with friends, next week will be keyboards workshop and pharmacy day plus basic life support seminar, music practice for the anniversary on december and downloading prisonbreak, heroes, greys, csi, and a hole lot more.  so tell me, if you were in my position, what are you going to do? me in thinking of sleeping. lolz.

yesterday was my day and i took a day off so i can prepare as in cook. here was my menu for the day. kare-kare, steamed lapulapu with cheese and mayo, tempura shrimp, papaitan, sinigang na hipon, baked roast chicken and a sponsor from friends california maki, banana cake and refrigerated cake. with the help of my colleague jovan and my dad we accomplished all of it from morning till evening and unfortunately last only for an hour during the celebration. lolz. ill be posting pictures soon but for now i need to rest so bloghop i go again.


8 comments on “really down to dust…”

  1. apir tayo jan pre… sobrang exhausted ako ngayon!!!! habang binabasa ko yung post mo parang feeling ko dinidescribe mo ako… tapos until the last paragraph came… huwaw you bring me to life!!!! ahahaha… huwag ka namang ganyan, kakakain ko lang nagugugutom na naman ako.. ahehehe.. cheers!!-glesy the great

  2. waaahhh.. nabura yung una kong comment..

    ayun sabi ko nga… apir tayo jan pre, sobrang exhausted ako ngaun… feeling ko habang binabasa ko yung post mo dinedescribe mo ako…. until i read the first few sentences of the last paragraph.. huwaw!!! you bring me to life.. ahahaha… huwag ka namang ganyan, tinatakam mo ako eh…. kakakain ko lang parang gusto ko uling kumain…;p cheers-glesy the great

  3. wow you are one busy gmac! 😉 Belated Happy bertday!

  4. Astig marunong ka magluto tol. Bagsak ako dyan. 😆

  5. ang sarap naman ng menu! show and tell later ha

  6. aba, sali ka sa club namin ng mga blogging gising–mga taong andaming kung anu-anong ginagawa sa buhay at nabubuhay sa energy drink.yay!rest ka lang po, recharge, dahil life is beautiful kaya more energy mas happy (parang enervon)

  7. sobrang busy gmac ah. ok lang yan…mas ok na maraming ginagawa kesa wala diba? boring yun at im shur mas indi mo magugustuhan ang ganung feeling. 😉

    nakakagutom naman ang handa mo…pibertdei! 🙂

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