low disk space

By: gmacomics

Sep 29 2008

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i have hard time since day one how i can manage all my documents, mp3’s, photos, psp games, videos fit in a 160gb laptop and its been happening for almost two years now. it really gives me a headache when some of the programs like my nero are not able to burn some files due to my 243mb remainder in drive C. i know, i know, its a risk doing that and the tendency of crashing some files are contigous in practical use. but what can i do, i am a movie freak, a gamer, tekky, and a music lover not to forget the files im editing like raw images and posters, etc., etc.

so now after tinkering for so many months now, i decided to buy myself a treat for my incoming day which will be next week, for those who doenst know, an external disk. not just a portable mini external disk but something i know will forever serve its time and purpose under my reign. hehehe. so i got myself a book. a western digital my book at 500gb which i believe is enough for now to store all my addictions. and yes, i am enjoying and currently on the transfer of all my files in my laptop to my book. as of now, i am neither half nor quarter of the free space available on the book but i do believe after this holiday it will be. i have collected so far 4,000 mp3’s some of those are still in a compressed dvd disk and a total of 146 movies which is just partial of what i collected and have deleted (too bad they have not seen the glimpse of the book.hehe) and 75 psp games. adding to my to-do-list which is arranging and filing them all in one disk, its all worth the time and effort because i wont doubt anymore that my laptop will crash at some point in time, and all my friends which has been asking for my help on installation of programs,mp3’s, and movies on their laptop will be happier than i am now.

my book has a very simple design and very bulky about the size of leo tolstoy war and peace novel piece. the only disadvantage i can think of is the open holes probably used as a vent for heat upon usage. well not so big deal for me so all i can say is a big smile and proud i purchased this instead of a 160gb external disk.

prisonbreak, heroes, er, csi, movies, mp3’s, and whole lot more??? bring it on! hehehe.


14 comments on “low disk space”

  1. pare moy.. kulang yan… 500 gig will not be enough..
    ako nga unang bili ko ng external ay 160 gig… eh naubos…. bumili ako ng 500 gig… eh sa kasamaang palad.. naubos uli.. bumili ako 640 gig… at alam mo ang sad part… paubos na uli!! huhuhu.. kaya nga medyo delete ng files.. pero sobra.. nakakaaliw pag ang dami mong movies, tv series, games, pics at kung ano ano pa.. pero tingin ko naman matipid kang gumamit ng hard disk space.. congrats!


    thanks potski. mukha nga paremoy kukulangin pa ito. hehehe

  2. hehehe… masyado naman po kayong teky… ako walang gnyn… hehe d ako mahilig magsave ng kung ano ano eh.


    hehehe. hindi naman masyado yhen. hehehe.

  3. yan din recommendation sa amin yung kaibigan naming technopop e, ayun bumili rin kami.


    hehehehe. panalo nga eh kengkay. hehehe

  4. maybe i should also get that. low disk space din ako now.


    go get now musang. hehehe. wag mo na hintayin magcrash ang system mo. hehehe.

  5. Ayos yan tol, perfect for gamers like us. Kudos!


    uy kirk, thanks for droppin by. oo nga tamang tama. hehehee.

  6. wow… 500gig? para sa not-so-game-addict like me tamang tama na yan… mauubos yan sa akin sa photos, mp3 and movies hehehhe… pero enough na yan sa akin hehehehe… teka nga, how much ba yan?


    hindi naman. i was contemplating kung ung 1Terabyte na kuhain ko pero i went for the 500gb na lang muna. hehehe. baka mamaya kasi sirain pala si pareng WD but so far ok naman sya. mura lang sya rhap compare sa kung bili k lang ng 160gb. nabili ko siya ng 370sar lang.

  7. Wow, saving all those huge files in a laptop? You must be very patient. A laptop hard drive only (usually) has 5400RPM speed. That’s slow. That 500GB won’t last long haha. I have 3 firewire externals, but it was a hassle because they have to be near my desktop, so I finally learned and bought ethernet external drives from then on. I have 3 with one serving a terabyte. Now they’re sitting away from me and any computer I give access to the network can access the drives too.

    Enjoy mo yung bagong gadget. It’s a good choice.


    fonse, hindi ba nakakatakot na pede i-access ung drives and persnal data mo thru network? i mean of all the threats online ngayon. anyways ill try to think bout getting one as wel kasi magandang idea yan anywhere you go you can access them .

  8. got one too 🙂 we have the same dilemma gmac. ang hirap i-manage ang lahat ng files esp kung ikaw yung tipo na mahirap mag-let go ng mga ganto hehe….im planning to buy a new external disk…ok ba talaga si WD mo?


    ok si pareng WD. so far so good. have not encountered any problems naman. bilhin mo na ung 1Tb kasi mukhang mapapabili ulit ako ng isa pa nito.hehehe

  9. Ano daw?!

    I’m lost! Ahahahhaa. Techie topic ito.

    Anyway, congrats sa new ‘acquisition’ mo. Hehehe.



    brainteaser, maiisip mo din yang 500gb balang araw pag puno na ang desktop or laptop mo ng mga files. hahaha

  10. Congratulations!!
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  11. I can understand the nightmare of hard-disk crashing and losing all data.
    I got myself an external hard-disk for “safety” too 😛

    I love CSI too!! So which seasons are in ur collections? *heehee*

  12. hehehhehhehe! yeah, i may have to require bigger disk space one of these days.

    hey, so a comment somewhere up that you won in the photog contest! Congratulations. 😉

    Which of your pics won?

  13. Well kung confident ka sa security barriers na inilagay mo, makakatulog ka naman. Yung realm ng access eh localized at properly walled pa din naman kahit na pasok private network ko 🙂 The biggest threat with external drives is not remote access, but physical access. Make sure be paranoid enough to layer your protection (kung hindi naman naka compromise sa daily routines mo). Maganda kasi kapag network, kung saan mood ko humiga (mapa couch man o mapa kama) connect lang ako sa network tapos nood na ako Korean Drama ko hehe. Mobile inside the house kumbaga 😉

  14. Sorry for multiple comments. If you can avoid, please avoid WD’s 1TB. Maingay at hindi masyadong reliable. Still, do your research before purchasing. Try nyo kaya LinkStation 1TB. May choice ka pang mag RAID1 para redundant backup ka… yung nga lang hati lang magamit mo. mat DLNA pa 😉


    ayus salamat sa tip fonse! sife ill try to look ung linkstation 1Tb. add na po kita sa aking mga listings. hehehe. samamat ulit!

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