what’s in a name? – a tag

ok ok, so i was tagged by lambing and now by potsquared. sorry for being so busy. hehe. well i have a few nicks during childhood until now but ill try to remember them all. enough talk here goes.

1. ume – my childhood name which i am annoyed because it actually sounds like a goat when spelled out in a long irritating sound.

2. jumel – my real name called by those who barely knew me my name here in our local church.

3. mel – some friends who called me because they just are too lazy to spell out the whole name.

4. jhum – named by my ex-gf but pronounced as “jham” and also by some of my friends.

5. jhumski/jhums – my name with my pinoytoykolektors friends and peers.

6. gmac/gmacomics – my username/handle in world wide web.

7. engineer – my nick in our street at san juan

8. papa joms – hmmnn… i wonder why. hindi naman ako macho, sexy lang. hahahaha. called by my friends here in hospital, KSA

9. sprackenite – one friend which called me this is aprackenite water therapy. hehehe.

10. rommel – this is my named instilled in the mind of my director here in the office. as if j is near with r. lolz.

11. paremoy – name called to me by my frieds in ABS-CBN when i was working there.even now.

12. china man – because all of my high school friends love mastah rapping thats why. hehehe

13. flea – this is my nick called by our drummer here in our church and i call him chad. for those who dont know these names. they are the bassist and drummer of red hot chilli peppers.

14. chief – some of my co-workers who knows me by my face call me this here in the hospital.

15. kabayan – a nick for all filipinos here in KSA.

16. loverboy – a teaser name for me here in our church.

17. papa yummy – i remembered this called to me when i was in the brodcasting industry.dont want to expound more on this. its just a name though. hahahaha. pots, ikaw pala si papa itan? hahahahha

18.panget – my nick with the cute and panget din, hannah.

these are so far all the names i remembered and most of them are still actively calling me these nicks.

and now im tagging sonnetshaven, yhen, prinsesamusang, lyingwithclotheson, sommer, mumusakanto, maycor, kat and kengkay


8 comments on “what’s in a name? – a tag”

  1. wow may tag ako! ahhaha.. i dont do tags sa blog e.. dito nalang sa comments.. ok lang?!

    ne – only family calls me this.. no one im not related to, dare calls me this.. hahha

    ate ne – childhood friends and super close friends of childhood friends.. privileged few lang ang nakakatawag saken nito

    memg – elementary friends. those that i still talk to.. those that i still see every now and then.. they’re the ones who coined this nick for me

    grace – hiskul friends. i kind of thought id be girly then, so i used my second name. i also used my second name on my first job.. so every one from my first job, knows me as grace

    grayz – chatmates.. yup! i was (notice the past tense) an IRC kid.. and i used this name for people i dont know much

    ayz – every one i know from college and till forevermore will know me by ayz.. i dont know why.. but this is the nick i used every where else

    ayzprincess – my internet handle.. multiply, deviantart.. pretty much anywhere

    bbybutterlfy – my old livejournal handle.. my ex used to call me this too

    tet – short for butete.. another nick coined by my ex.. coz i have a big tummy for a thin frame

    midnyt-tears – my new livejournal handle

    nawawalangblogger – my blogspot handle

    lyingwithclotheson – my wordpress handle.. nagca-catch on pa lang tong nick na to


    hahahaha ok lang ayz. no problemo.

  2. huwow ang dami pala 😉

    so okey lang tawag ko papa joms? 😉


    hehehehe. ok lang lambing no problem. hahaha

  3. papa yummy, hehehe — aba at ni tag mo pala ako, huh.

    kengkay: dahil labs ako ng makukulit kong kaibigan
    kerengkeng: dahil mas labs nila ako
    kirikay: dahil hindi nila ako labs
    pukengkay: dahil iba daw ang dating, hahaha

  4. naku, na-tag na ako ni potpot nito, pero salamat!

    loverboy tsaka papa yummy wehehehe! http://katcarneo.wordpress.com

  5. Meron pa….julian….saka kilikili!heheheh

  6. wow naman papa yummyyyyyyyyy!!…actually tawag din sakin eh yumyum pro binaligtad ko na lang at ginawa kong muymuy..hehehe!!..

    …pro parang gusto kitang tawaging jhumonggggggg!!hihihi…


  7. Ooops! I was tagged:) I’ll do this one of these days ha? Promise:)

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