creative photography (5.3)


for the last week submission on creative photography i’d like to dedicate to my collections which i really missed a lot since i went out of the country. its been a year since i saw them. to recap, i have been collecting toys since 2006 and had been collecting comics since secondary level. with the help of the forums you can see at my sidebar column, they had grown increasingly in a matter of years and until now has been unstoppable.

there had been a lot of additions unfortunately they are all in the phil. and to show off a few taken by my friend harry lim who happens to be a distributor also of bowens here they are.

thanks to harry lim

thanks to harry lim

silver surfer

silver surfer

odin - father or the mighty thor

odin - father or the mighty thor

bishop bust from x-men

bishop bust from x-men

the other hauls i will be posting soon. i just hope my sis had the time to shoot. if you want to check out the other collections i have, try looking for the title my collections on the previous posts.

so i guess thats about it. for more creative images, check em all out here


8 comments on “creative photography (5.3)”

  1. I just got grabbed!!! 😛
    Creative entry indeed.

  2. That hand seems to jump right out of the screen! Well caught!

  3. Nice photo, to me it seemed almost scary, creepy, in a horror film sort of way. I like it when a photo can bring out emotions, that’s what its all about.

  4. I like how the arm jumps out at you, very cool.

  5. Have you been hiding Elivs all these years!?

  6. How cool is that?!!! I love the photo, it “wowed” me. Great collection, my son is 30 and he collects alot of these types of figures also.


  7. I’m flinching back! That hand is about to touch me.

    Great photo!

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