special greetings

By: gmacomics

Sep 16 2008

Category: living the dust


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Camera:Canon EOS 450D

this i have to write.

it was my dad’s birthday yesterday and needless to say, there was a food party once again. im taking this opportunity even in small pharagraphs because i really have no time to write and think what i have to say. probably this is also the reason why the only thing i can do is bloghop and comment. (kengkay, yan ung reason ko kung bakit. hehehe)

anyways i would like to greet all the celebrants from august till september here in rakah. also would like to acknowledge those people who have relentlessly offered their effort involuntarily to share some of their skills in cooking and baking. so here’s to you guys, cheers!!

bday celebrants:

kuya james

ate mel


kuya egay

kuya ronnie

kuya eldeen

ate hannah

my dad


ate bec

little OR


kuya jojo

ate farrah

my sister, jay ann

if there’s someone i missed please tell me because of the too many celebrants its hard for me to remember all of them. and a toast to those who contributed,

ate raqs

ate freida

ate tita

kuya jovan

ate luz

kuya ronnie

kuya nash

and to the whole family of clsf-1, you guys are the best! more years to come for the celebrants! God bless to all.


8 comments on “special greetings”

  1. abba! happy birthday sa kanila! saeng-il chuk-ha hamnida!lalo na sa erpats mo.

    at nagtatampo ako, di ka na dumadalaw sa blog ko masyado…..hmp!


    hi kat ganda! sorry ha busy lately and may problem dito sa ofis namin. makailang beses akong nagkokoment ayaw pumasok. di bale weekend na naman at makapagkoment me. lagi me dumadalaw sa u po noh. hehehe

  2. hello kuya! busy???

    kamusta naman?

    Happy bday nga pala sa kanila dame ah.. sa dad mo din 😉

    may tag pala k0 sayo.. 😉

  3. uyyy ang daming may berdey!!

    pibertdei sa kanilang lahat!!


  4. wow, daming berdeyan sa september pala sa inyo. hinay hinay ang pagkain, pwede ring mag share, hehe! dito naman oktoberfest na kahit na september pa lang kaya kainan party din 😀

  5. cool! cheers to everybody!

  6. belated happy birthday to your dad:)

  7. happybeerday to all of them!!!
    dahil naging super busy din ako.. di tuloy ako nakapagpost man lang ng birthday greetings sa aking dad and youngBro! September din sila eh… hayys!

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