CREATIVE Photography (5)


done in lightroom shot at the hallway of one of the buildings my friend is residing. enjoy!

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22 comments on “CREATIVE Photography (5)”

  1. Nice shot of the dark hallway with some reflection of light on the ground.


    thanks elaine!

  2. thanks for posting this picture because after 1 month I will be leaving this place


    ok lang yan kuya jon. at least meron kang pedeng balik balikan. hehehe

  3. Cool photo – looks like a tunnel. I like the reflection on the floor.

    Good luck!


    hehe. thanks patti! see you at cp!

  4. bRow…very nice shot i dont know how to make a comment here in your blogsite… but ill try your so blessed fRom mUsic and aRts….keep it up…he he gOd bleSS


    oks lang yan kuya jovan. hehehe. thanks sa pgbisita//

  5. Nice reflective shot! Free hand or tripod?


    hi roger. its free hand. thanks.

  6. dramatic ha…

    love the tree… its the center of attraction…


    hehehe. thanks yhen.

  7. …=( di ko masight, site blocked d2 sa dubey…tsk!

  8. very lively, almost like the real thing …

  9. yan! yang mga kuha na yan ang nakakainggit! hahaha! nice shot sobra!

  10. This image reminds of the idiom, “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Beautiful:)

  11. This could be an inspiration for poetry. Galing talaga! 🙂

  12. i just viewed your flickr photostream AGAIN and i can’t help myself but eb amazed with your photos! waah, i really love it! keep on posting! 🙂

  13. The shiny floor appears as a reflecting pool. With the shine of the floor, you might wonder whether the picture is right side up or upside down. It seems an illusion!

  14. I like the tunneling look. The lights reflecting on the floor make it very interesting also. Great Job!

    Good Luck!


  15. very nice! i love the contrast of light and dark 😉

  16. I love how it frames what one sees in the distance. Reminds me of a Matisse where one looks out the window. Neat photo and thanks for visiting mine.

  17. I’m so behind on my CP visits and I didn’t even post one this time, life is so daily 🙂

    This shot is wonderful! I love the golden light and I enjoyed looking out to see where I might go.

  18. Wow ! very beautiful !!!

  19. Nice use of light and dark on this…good luck

  20. Nice photographs dude. Kudos!

  21. Nice shot with the reflections and the tree centered in the doorway.

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