Loving difficult people

By: gmacomics

Sep 03 2008

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Loving Difficult People
by Rick Warren


If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18 (NIV)


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When asked what he considered the most valuable skill in employees, the financier John D. Rockefeller replied, “The ability to get along with people!”

One of the most important skills we can develop as we walk with Christ is knowing how to love troublemakers. If you learn how to interact with difficult people, then you’ll be able to pour your energy into areas of ministry rather than constantly putting out fires of conflict.

Here are four methods Jesus modeled when he encounter difficult people:


1. Realize you can’t please everybody. Even God can’t do that! Refuse to play games (Matthew 22:18).

2. Learn to say no to unrealistic expectations. Confront them by “telling the truth in love.”


3.NEVER retaliate (Matthew 5:38-39). It only lowers you to their level.


4.Pray for them (Matthew 5:44). It will help both of you. Let God speak to them.


13 comments on “Loving difficult people”

  1. hi, dropping by! i love this post! indeed, it’s not easy to love or even like difficult people, but if we continue to pray for ’em, God will surely guide us and teach us not to hate ’em.

    anyway, i already have my new e-bahay! check it out! 🙂


  2. These are things we need tot instil into our minds and keep remembering them! Though often, they’re often forgotten in moments of anger 😦
    Have a good weekend!!!


    hi elaine. tahnks for droppin by. yes you are corect and i hope this post serves as a great reminder. have a nice weekend too!

  3. hehhee.. so difficult tlg…


    hi yhen! yes its difficult but with God nothing is impossible.

  4. i’m not a pleaser but in most cases, it’s more of trying to reach out to them. loving difficult people is a challenge. understanding instead of hating. There’s a reason for everything and i’m sure they still have this goodness inside them.


    yes i agree and am pointing out that nobody can please everybody but by being who you are with a good heart to everyone around can make a difference after all. thanks aling baby!

  5. We really cannot please everyone. Each of us is different from each other. We just leave it to God to sort things out.


    hi leia! thanks for droppin by and i do agree with what you said!

  6. A nice piece of advice I have on my Papemelroti Advice Board: Be kind to unkind people—they probably need it the most.


    haha. ayus yan kat ah. may PAB ka pala. pero tama ka yun ang kakulangan nila kaya dapat lang mafill sila nun, ng kindness. hehehe

  7. one of the best also yung:

    3.NEVER retaliate

    most especially in the office, magmemelow down din mga yun at magsasawa din.

    atleast less stress for you if you dont think of them.. hehe


    tama vhincent! hirap din kasi ung lalo lang masubsob sa isang malaking gulo.

  8. yeah tama kuya.. nothing is impossible with God…


    yup. hehe. 😉

  9. sana pala ginawa ko dati yan.. ehehehehe but i am leaning towards a new life ika nga… nice post paremoy.. more power!


    naks. ghandi ikaw ba yan? hahahahaha

  10. hmm.. di ako masyadong fan ni rick warren e.. i havent read this book..

    medyo ilang kasi ako sa mga mainstream books o yung sa mga sikat na libro o author.

    but i do pray.. hehe.. compensation daw noh?! 😀


    hahaha. natawa ako dun sa huli. hahaha.

  11. does this mean loving my own self because i’m difficult to deal with sometimes? LOL! anyway, thank you for posting this kind of reminders… it makes me stop sometimes and reevaluate the decisions i make and the choices i pick.

  12. This is so difficult but it’s what pleases God so gawin na lang natin:)

  13. I Love Rick Warren. This was a wonderful example of understanding what God wants us to live our lives. With love and understand, but most of all, patience, kindness, and forgiveness.

    Very nice post. 🙂


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