PHOTO-INSPIRE – a tag from brainteaser

By: gmacomics

Aug 31 2008

Category: taya-tayaan


Photo-inspire Me.


“Good pictures evoke in us a wide array of emotions and thoughts. They can send us to a different dimension and time. They can dampen us, soothe us, make us smile, laugh, cry, melancholic, inspired… name it, they can effectively do it. There are even times when pictures more effectively elucidate what words struggle to express.  


So our first game/activity is to open ourselves to the emotions a picture evokes in us. And write about it. ” – brainteaser


Here’s the rule:


  1. Write a poem or an inspiring line based on a photo of your choice. This photo can be your own, or someone else’s. (If the picture is not yours, please ask permission from the owner when you post it, or better yet, provide only the link to the picture that inspired you, without posting it.)
  2. Your poem or inspiring line may be of any length, and any genre. It can be humorous, sentimental, heart-warming, whatever. You may write in Ilokano, English or Filipino.
  3. Post your inspiring line in your blog and in the comment section of this page (or just a link to your post so we could go and check it there). For poetry submissions, please indicate if you wish your piece to be posted in Bilingual Pen as an article submission.


The goal of this game is to get us to write, and express our thoughts and emotions.





The times made passed

Seeking answers

That would help cast

The dread crippling

Like little child

Humbly abode

reliant to nothing but faith



The life you had

Forget what lies behind

That after the fall

You can rise up

stripped from former things

defines ignorance

And works of a fool



For this is the time

Amidst the shattered pieces

New window unfolds

fortuity becomes floods

Chances outpours like rain

Time is now

Not yesterday not later

It is today


thank you bora for the break.

yey! nagawa ko! now im tagging potsquared, vhincent/jhen and sonnetshaven.


10 comments on “PHOTO-INSPIRE – a tag from brainteaser”

  1. My goodness. I think I tagged the right kind of people.

    Nagsusulat ka na ba before or ngayon lang? Keep it up, friend. Hindi mo lang alam kung saan ka makakarating!

    Many of the poets I’ve talked with didn’t know na nakakapagsulat pala sila ng poetry… until they HAD to…

    Thank you for joining sa game! 🙂


    hi brainteaser. tahnks. actually i enjoyed doing it.
    sa totoo lang hindi talaga me nagsusulat. not until now. thanks for bringing up the game. i think there are some people who really are born to write but for me i just write what i feel. hehehe. thanks ulit sa tag!! sa next time ulit po.

    actually ung story ng bora is a person. thats all.

  2. wow very nice! and the photo is cool too!


    hi there musang! musta na ang pagreview para sa board? hehehe. thanks for droppin by.

  3. hay, bora.. kengkoy’s been bugging me to bring him and the kids there.


    yup ganda daw dun. di pa din ako nakapunta eh. hahaha

  4. aba, tula-tulaan effect!it’s very nice……


    hahaha. thanks. musta na nga pala u.

  5. ang galing! i miss boracay and i like the poem a lot!


    thanks ifoundme. yan ang tinatawag ng bahala na poet poetan. hahaha.

  6. Ang galing:) I’ll do this in a little while. Hanap muna ako ng magandang photo hehe:)


    sige hintay ko yan. tingin ko tungkol kay sonnet yan.

  7. i wanna go to bora, i haven’t been there!
    nice poem po! galing mo!


    pagbakasyon mo rhapsody yayain mo na si papuch mo. hehehe

  8. Ay ang galing mo talaga:) Isa kang henyo, gmac! You guessed right:) Si Sonnet nga ang topic ko:)


    kainis itong computer ko. ayaw magsend ng mga comments di ko tuloy alam baka puro spam na ako sa inyo for aprroval. hehe. anyways ill try to rest and clear all cache in my desk. sabi ko na nga ba eh. si sonnet yan. hahaha

  9. teka ang lalim ata dko mareach 😉

    d lang photograper, poet pa! galing!

    kasama pla kme sa tag…

    d bale pahirapan naten si jen mag-isep ng poem,,, hehe


    hahaha. pahirapan daw si jhen. hahahaha.

  10. mahusay ka talaga paremoy… kaya nga lab kita eh! hihihi pa kiss nga pare! teka.. kasama pala ko sa na tag mo.. pambihira… eheheheh sige paghahandaan ko to.. thanks paremoy!


    lab din naman kita eh. hahaha.
    kala mo ha ako lang noh. ang dami kaya nagtag sa u.
    si tonnette at si lambng.

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