By: gmacomics

Aug 31 2008

Category: CONTEST, photography


oil lamp



was just fascinated with the angle of this one. USM and highlights edited on photoshop.nothing more.

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26 comments on “CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY (4)”

  1. Nice shot that evokes me to actually tilt my head upwards.
    Good luck in the contest! 🙂


    haha. thanks elaine!

  2. Nice shot…I like the perspective here.


    thanks leslie! see you at CP!

  3. Simple but nice entry….Interesting too!


    thanks gen. i love simple pictures. happy CP!

  4. wow wow wiw, Good Luck on the contest 🙂


    thanks vhincent/jhen! uy me tag kayo ha. hehehe

  5. kelangan ko magpaturo sayo… hehehe! you take very nice pictures! tapos ang linis linis! ang ganda!


    sige turuan kita pero hindi me pro ha. hehe. thanks.

  6. wow, love the oil lamp. it calls images of lighthouses and maidens in distress. overactive ba ang imagination ko? 😉


    oo nga ang lawak ng imagination. hehehe. at pang love story pa! 😉

  7. Great angle, I feel as if that lamp is going to drop on my head. Nice job!


    hahaha. thanks roger!

  8. Great shot. Nice angles. Good luck!


    hi sandee thanks for droppin by.

  9. Nice photo! The oil lamp appears differently seen vertically (as a lamp), but what horizontally? Laid out, it looks to me like a cannon on an old wood ship.

    A great photo makes me thing about projections and imagining what I am really seeing. This is great!


    thanks ralph! your imagination are far more interesting than mine. hehe.

  10. Now THIS I love! nice angle and editing. 🙂


    thanks chica!

  11. nice paremoy.. ang husay mo talaga! more pa!


    potski asan na ung entry mo??? hehehe

  12. Great shot and editing. I love the perspective of this photo.


    thanks patti!!

  13. I love the angle! So much height makes the lantern appear to be levitating.

    I love the texture of the wall.

    You’re a master at making ordinary objects appear extraordinary!


    hi dianne. im sorry but im just happy shooting things, not a master. thanks! see you at cp!!

  14. Wonderful perspective…

    Good Luck


    thanks bond!!

  15. Oh My, this photo makes you feel as if you are standing right under the lantern! Great angle. You got a great capture in this one.

    Good Luck!



    thanks kimmie! same to you, God Bless!

  16. I really like the angle on this picture, it really adds a totally different perspective to what could be considered an ordinary subject. Love the color, too!


    glad you like it linda! thanks!

  17. Great shot and love the angle. This brings back camping memories from my childhood! Good luck!



    yeah i remember that too. hehe. cheers mate!

  18. Well done on the image, and the win. 🙂 Thumbs up!


    thanks mothman!! thanks to cp!

  19. Congradulations your this week’s winner in Creative Photography! Come by and pick up your award.


    roger, thanks so much! glad you guys appreciate my shot. i know its not much still a big thanks to you and the rest of the guys! CHEERS!

  20. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    I’ve tilt my head for a good reason! hahahhaa..


    haha. thanks elaine!!

  21. Congratulations on winning the contest! It’s a fantastic shot.



    tahnks a lot patti! you aguys are awesome!

  22. congratulations….


    thanks gen

  23. Congrat! you really got talent, keep it up

  24. Congrats! you really got talent, keep it up

  25. Congrats for the award!!

    I loved this week’s shot, I enjoy all your shots, real fun to look at.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

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