missing the beach

By: gmacomics

Aug 25 2008

Category: living the dust


Focal Length:7.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Philippines as far as I know have the most beaches. It is one of the many things I can be proud of my nation’s credibility. Composed of more than seven thousand islands you can enjoy plus the landmarks, sceneries and amazing places all located in one. It’s those things that I miss her, “Inang Bayan” as we often call her.  

Last Friday, I was invited to go for a swim in aziziyah. At last after one and a half year of stay here in the Middle East, I can have a dive once again. It has been two years until now since I last went to a beach. Sometimes I thought of it as one of the sacrifices working here but still worth the stay rather focus more on other priorities in life. Besides im not here for a vacation. So we went to this place they call Baher where most far eastern peeps hang out. It was late afternoon when we arrive at the place and the sun was almost down. After reaching out 50sar per head on the personnel at the resort, we went inside the building passing through a small hallway lit by tungsten bulbs making an impression of coziness and relaxing feeling. As we go through the short corridor we came to a small room filled with 2 complete living set and on the right side was the bar manned by different nationalities. From the inside you can almost peek on the outside mainly because of the transparent sliding glass which serves as the window of the two floor bungalow type building.  


Outside was amazing. Never in my stay here have I seen a place where I can think I am not actually here. its like I have entered into another dimension and felt I was back in my country. As we walked through the brick tiled road we can’t help but wonder in awe at the beauty of the place. Its simplicity serves its purpose well. There were four pools each of the same length, width and depth arrayed in perpendicular with the building. I wanted to go and jump but I must behave myself and enjoy the most of it on the latter part. It will come, I thought to myself.  After the pool was the beach. It was a not the entire coastline but still is a great scenery. Good thing about it was the level of the water which is from the beach will reach 30m before it gets deeper. Probably to prevent people from drowning? Might be. Nevertheless, it’s a great thing for those who don’t know much about swimming like me, I guess. Lolz. There were also yacht, kayak, huts and a port-like from both sides of the wall which divides the property from the outside preventing people to enter from the waters.

So we setup on one of the tables beside the pool and after having our stomach full went to change and swam until evening. Of course there were stops during the hours for like eating again, taking pictures, and rest for a few minutes. I really enjoyed the place and the company of my friends. Its too bad that during these times I never thought of bringing my cam. Intently speaking, I should have thought of it in the first place. Good thing one of my friend jovan brought his digicam and we saw it’s still good. Actually they were great pictures. We finish around eight in the evening and spend the rest of the time with a fun-filled conversation and went home 9pm.it was indeed a long and tiring day.

Next time I go there, ill bring my cam. But for now here are some of the shots we had there.





me and my blurred companies (hehe)

still me and my blurred colleagues

still me and my blurred colleagues

view from the deck

view from the deck


10 comments on “missing the beach”

  1. nasadako mga friends mo. hehehe 😛

    akala ko beach.. nagtatatka ako, beach sa middle east, akala ko pa naman disyerto dun. hahaha

    talagang kelangan blar! hahaha 😛


    hahaha. sensya na lwco kaso lang hindi me nakapagpaalam sa kanila kaya yan lang ang tangi kong naisip para maipost ko pa rin ang picture na hindi sila magalit. hehehe. thanks.

  2. Hehehehehehehe!

    Pag di mo blurr… lagotka! Ahahahahaha…

    Hmm… bigla tuloy akong gustong magswimming! Waaaaa! Nice yung view from the deck ah! 🙂


    yups eksakto brainteaser, lagot ako pag di ko gawa yan. hehehe. namiss ko ang pagudpud at puerto galera.

  3. I think we need a break also every now and them para ma-refresh tayo from work 😉

    Parang si berbola yung mga kasama mo (dyesebel contrabida) hinde makunan sa pecture ng maayos..lol


    tama! pang alis ng stress sa work. hehe.
    oo nga ang lilikot kasi nila kaya ganyan tuloy ung output. hahaha.

  4. swimming galore:) Dito hindi na pwede kasi puro bagyo na. At present we have Lawin in the country at sana lumipad sya palayo agad so no one gets hurt and nothing gets destroyed.


    grabe noh dati puro babae lang ang name ng bagyo ngayon lalake na meaning mas malakas compare sa mga dati. sana nga walang casualties jan.

  5. nakupo parang ung movie’ng SHUTTER! sarap tlagang magswimming. di din ako marunong lumangoy kaya laging tambay sa gilid lang hahahah!


    di ba meron nang US version ng shutter coming soon?
    anyways parehas tayo laging nasa curb rhapsody. hahaha.

  6. hay, ubod ng init sa labas, at pagupo ko sa pc ko nang-inggit ka pa! may beach pala diyan, kalain mo.


    hahahaha. oo naman may beach noh pero minsan lang kami nakakapunta.

  7. paremoy, ayos yan ah.. ehehehehe, swimming swimming.. pero bakit ka nakasando sa swimming pool?


    hahaha. masyado u naman ako binulgar. hahaha. nakasando ako kasi may bandaid ang aking nips. hihihihi. ala vic sotto. hahaha.

  8. honga… parang kakagulat… swimming in the desert. hehehe! buti naman nag enjoy ka.


    hahahaha, oo nga ako din nagulat parang nasa ibang mundo ako eh. hahaha

  9. mahiyain ba yung mga blurred company mo, hehe. masarap talaga mag beach pero napansin mo bang maganda pa rin talaga ang mga beach and diving areas sa pinas? or baka naman bias lang talaga ako, hehe


    agree ako sa iyo jan kengkay! mas maganda pa rin ang mga beaches sa pinas!

  10. i like going to the beach pero ayoko magpa-tan kasi tanned na ko all my life hehehe..ang ganda naman dyan…pero mejo natakot ako sa mga blurred friends mo hehe…parang witness protection program lang ang dating. 😉

    bumibisita 😀


    hahaha. ganyan talaga sila. mga blurred. hahaha. thanks for visiting nga pala aling baby! add kita ha.

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