By: gmacomics

Aug 24 2008

Category: CONTEST, photography



looking at this picture resembles to a tale of sadness in remembrance of mothers of who have always been a light into our homes but now has been neglected and disregarded just because they have grown old and have not lit as bright as they were before. 

editing of b&w conversion were done on cs3.

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19 comments on “CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY (3)”

  1. I like that you made it black and white. Makes the photo feel more poignant.


    thanks a lot leslie! glad you like it like that. see you around. 🙂

  2. Great shot I agree with Leslie on the B/W. Very true on the adjoining story.


    thanks roger!

  3. waaa sayang i cant see the photo.. flickr is blocked here in UAE. . T_T


    ei mumusakanto, thanks for droppin by. kj naman jan flickr na lang binlock pa. hehe. bigyan kita ng proxy address gusto mo? hehehe.

  4. My mother passed on July 23, 2006, she was 74. I have to say that she shined like a bright light up until the moment God took her in her sleep early that Sunday morning. I believed she would have continued to shine if she had lived until she was 100 or more. That was just the way she was. We lost her much to soon.

    I can relate with your story of the lamp in the fact that it was my father who dimmed like the light over the passed year with the beginnings of dimentia. He passed on May 5th of this year.

    A very stirring photo. I like it very much and for what it represents in your story. It makes one really think.

    Good Luck!



    that is one sad story kimmie and im sorry for your lost. at least she’s with our Lord now and had left something amazing, you.

    thanks for relaying yuor story and it really does makes sense when looking at the picture that our moms and dads whether they are still alive or not will have a significant value in our life thus we must treasure them while they’re still here.

    glad you like the story of the photo.

  5. A sense of nostaglic in this B&W picture.


    thanks elaine!

  6. Great accompanying story for this B&W photo of a once bright light that has been extinguished.

    This is a wonderful post. Good luck in the contest.


    thanks patti. same to you and see you at creative photography!

  7. That’s very creative ! Beautiful !!


    thanks gattina! see you at creative photography!

  8. This is really pretty, I’m not sure if I’m looking up or across. 🙂


    hi chica thanks for the visit. so hows the contest? did the result came up already? hope you win!

  9. Ironically, it’s beautiful and rich with sadness.


    i agree. nakakalungkot sya tignan. hehehe

  10. nde wak na, iupload mo na lang somewhere else para makita ko.. nyahaha nagutos? kapal eh noh? 😆 😆 hokei naman d2 ang photobucket, tinypic, imageshack etc etc.. haha maepal tlaga si mumu senxa na 😆


    haha. sige sa photobucket n lang. no problemo.

  11. hindi ako makapag-comment dun sa blogspot mo….


    ngek but y laway??

  12. The black & white definitely makes this picture seem very poignant and almost desolate, which I think is how we feel when our mothers are not part of our lives. Mine is still alive but at 74, you never know how many years are left and I don’t want to neglect the light that my Mom provides in my life.

    Lovely entry!


    thanks Linda. same goes with me though my mom havent reach yet 60’s, i will never forget nor neglect the that light.

  13. wow, another work of art paremoy… good story too… goodluck sa contest… pacanton ka pag nanalo ka ha.. hihihi more power paremoy!


    oo ba! ahahaay! pacanton at saka papahipon sinigang ako para sa iyo..

  14. Lovely sentiment with a creative photo!


    thanks! see you at creative photography!

  15. We can be too quick to discard that which is aged. For the lamp, a new shade from Target for maybe $20 and a new CFL bulb will still shine as bright and look fine.

    Were we to forget age in people…The term ‘Old’ really should read ‘More experienced’


    interesting point of view ralph! thanks for droppin by.

  16. that is so touching

    the image is perfect in B&W and the way the lamp is arranged adds to the interest, it makes you stop and appreciate the lamp.

    Wonderful shot.

    Was it your shot of the old chair against a stark wall a week or so ago. Forgive me if I’m wrong, the mind fails me at times. This photo along with the chair photo have such powerful feelings of respect for age and show such reverence for real beauty. I had to mention it.


    yes dianne that was me. thanks for appreciating the effort. 😉

  17. Interesting perspective…nicely done

    good luck


    thanks bond!

  18. yes it is nicely done indeed.


    and yours too gen. see you at creative photography.

  19. ang ganda and i like the way your interpretation of what it reflects. 🙂


    salamat ng marami ifoundme!!

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