By: gmacomics

Aug 20 2008

Category: living the dust


its very saddening that the last hope to get a gold medal in the field of boxing have finally ended with a losing streak from other countries. once again no medals have been awarded to philippines. some say its the fault of the philippine sports commission and some says its the fault of the government for not supporting our filipino delegates.

if you’ll ask me, i will not point any finger to anyone. its not the time to blame others just because we have loss something which may be valuable. we can at least be proud we have our filipino athletes who tried their best to compete with other countries representing our nation in the olympics.

i agree it is indeed dissapointing but i think this is the time where these athletes get more attention and support for the next league they will be venturing. 

my friends and i have been thinking what if we sent these guys to the next olympics, surely winning would be very easy.

panday – fencing

captain barbell – weightlifting

dyesebel – swimming

palos – track and field

asero – boxing

kung fu kids – taekwondo

lastikman – gymnastics

what you guys think? im joking guys. but seriously i think our athletes have the chance to win gold if only we learn to support them.


11 comments on “OLYMPICS UPDATE”

  1. kala ko seryoso talaga post mo, hehe malamang panalo tayo kung padala mo mga yan kung hinde nga lang sila busy. LOL

    Hirap kse talga dito pinas, syempre bulsa muna nila at pag may tira saka pa lang ang bayan… waahh


    hahahaha. napansin ko kasi walang gustong magupdate ng olympics sa kadahilanang wala yata tayong panalo ni isang medalya.

    pero pede naman di ba na pag yan ang mga delegates natin sure win na tayo! 😀

  2. wala si darna?


    oo nga noh nalimutan ko si darna. hmmnn. ang alam ko lang alam ni darna lumunok ng bato. hahaha. joke lang po. pede sya on all events eh.

  3. at magpapadala tayo ng balut para pampalakas ng tuhod, taho para may energy at puto with dinuguan para parating busog! hehehe! 🙂 tingnan natin kung hindi pa natin masweep ang lahat ng gold sa olympics! hehehe!


    sure win yanb ifound me. hahaha. isama mo na ung yakult lactobacilii.hahaha

  4. Talo na ang ibang delegates kay Lastikman hahaha:) Seriously, kawawa ang athletes natin. My parents are updated with the Beijing Olympics because they’ve been watching it closely since day one. Some two or three nights ago, they told me that in the swimming division the suit of our representative got torn. Sana kahit sa damit man lang nila, somebody would invest para hindi naman sila totally kawawa.


    hahaha. oo nga lastikman sure win. pero kawawa nga naman ung mga athletes natin. bukod sa pressure sa olympics hindi pa sila totally supprted. haay kawawa naman.

  5. walang makakatalo kay lastikman sa gymnastics haha


    hahaha. yup pinespurn. thanks for droppin by.

  6. if only those mentioned characters are real, we’ll win it all… we’ll get all medals! i think kulang lang tlga sa practice ang mga athletes natin… ;(


    yes malamang given na din ung kulang sa practice rhapsody and wal pang support kaya yan walang gold. wawa. hehe

  7. naku paremoy.. kung kasali sila, may mga sasali na rin sa ibang countries..

    zorro – fencing

    superman – weightlifting

    aquaman – swimming

    flash – track and field

    wala akong maisip… – boxing

    iron fist – taekwondo

    mr. fantastic – gymnastics

    pero sana masuportahan natin ang mga athletes natin… magagaling naman talaga ang mga pinoy eh…


    sa iron fist si power man ang pede dun paremoy. hahahaha. at least this time may panaman naman ung mga athletes natin kung sila lastikman. hahaha.

  8. naku,baka sumali si He-Man!


    hahahaha. pede! ayaw nyo yun kakaibang olympics yun. lahat ng heroes nandun. hahaha.

  9. Better luck in the next olympics I hope 🙂


    hehehe. yups and now we cheer for singapore! too bad u got out in semis of table tennis last night.
    anyways i was mentioning in my post what if heroes of our folklore were to join as delegates in the olympics then im sure we can win some medals. hehehehe.

  10. hmm.. may post si tapsiboy.com about not winning a medal, and i left a comment there.. kakatamad ulitin yung sinabe ko 😛

    anyhoo, saken naman i think the support is there, what’s lacking is the proper funding and training. really the govt is half hearted in helping these athletes yet they expect too much from them at the same time.. my point is, if the government is half baked about our athletes, they should just use the money to fund the more pressing needs of the country but then again, like i said, it may just be because im not sports fan.. oh well..

    thanks for dropping by my site 😀


    very well said lwco! yep i hope next olympics will be a full support on our athletes or better yet give to the needy the funds. thanks for visiting.

  11. Atsaka kung sana lang eh nagfo-focus ang government natin sa pagsuporta sa sports na talagang may pag-asa tayo, like athletics and boxing. Sa basketball, anong panama natin sa mga kano at chinese na may kobe at yao? masyado silang naka-focus sa mga glamour sports eh wala naman dun yung pag-asa natin.


    korek! dapat ung boxing talagang suportahan natin, billiards, at saka athletics tutal naging world champion naman tayo sa mga league na ito eh.

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