erotica or sexy story? – tag

By: gmacomics

Aug 19 2008

Category: taya-tayaan


i was tagged by kat carneo.

warning: im not good at stories like this but here goes.. first the rules..


Create a short erotica of not more than 200 words, with the following words that can only be used once in the story:

1. sleepover
2. whip

3. handcuffs
4. leather
5. sexy
6. threesome
7. hairy
8. shotgun
9. squeeze
10. explosion

my story:

Everything was disarranged. A sleepover from a party I can’t even remember. The floor was a mess with whipped cream on the sheets of my bed. Clothes were scattered on the floor as if a blizzard have swept the entire room in just one blow. Pants were hanging on the lampshade keeping its balance from turning over while my leather jacket covering the window preventing the rays of the morning to shed not a single light. There were lady shoes and some clothes I didn’t even recognize. Then I saw her on top of me. Just when I was about to catch my breath I felt a numb on my right arm as if I was handcuffed with arms at my back struggling to fix it in a more comfortable position but I never mind the pain as long as I get it over with. So I squeeze something in my hand and rolled it down and then it started. The first one was almost a big hit and the springs in my bed made a deafening squeak like an explosion and it almost touch the floor but still I wasn’t able to reach her  and I can hear my voice moan in a small tone. I knew this would be a hard one but I didn’t lose hope. i felt my sweat rolling down my body but still i keep myself focus on the matter at hand. The squeaking of my bed continued over and over hearing my voice vibrating to the walls as I push even harder. Threesome? No. it was just one and I feel like I just went from the shower with all the sweat coming on me. Then came the final blow and it was a hard one and I made it making proud myself. The squeaking, the moaning, everything stopped. Only silence. She was on the ground now. Lying on her back as I steadily watched in awe that after several minutes it was all over.

 The spider is now dead. She was all hairy and her octave legs are now bent through her body. I told myself if only I had a shotgun I wouldn’t let myself jump to my bed grabbing a sexy magazine slapping her with it instead point and shoot her with no hesitation.


I hate spiders.

P.S. my apologies to all spider lovers.


now im tagging,







9 comments on “erotica or sexy story? – tag”

  1. gagamba lang pala….


    maginoo kasi me kat eh. hindi ko alam ung mga bagay na ganun. hahahaha. peace.

  2. maginoo pero medyo…. hmmmmmm hehehehehehe


    magaling?? hahahaha. pre pasa ka din ng mga entries mo sa creative photography at saka sa ruby tuesday, at saka sa photohunt. pampromote ng iyong blog. hehe.

  3. nice WP blog po.

    Nga pala, I’m Kevin Paquet from Pinoy Teens Online
    Care to link exchange with us? I’ll add you now to our blog roll page ^^,)
    Please comment back over us if you accept
    if you want, add my ym: i.believe_11


    sure kevin no problem ill add you up on my blogroll. thanks for droppin by.

  4. sige pare… nawala lately ang mojo ko eh… kasi dapat hindi ako pressured mag picture… hobby ito kaya dapat masaya… kaya ibinabalik ko muna ang toyo ko… hihihi


    hahaha. sinu ka si austin powers? hahahaha. oo pre wag mapressure. shoot lang ng shoot. hehehe.

  5. ay naku ayoko rin ng gagamba lalo na ung malalake! katakot sobra!


    hahahaha. ayoko din ng gagamba though nung elementary nakikipaglaban ako ng sabong ng gagamba sa banana-q stick. hehehe.

  6. Hahaha!:) And I thought it was something that should be rated Parental Guidance. Pang-nursery rhymes pala:)


    haha. gotcha! natawa din me nung naisip ko yan eh. hahaha.

  7. magaling! magaling! magaling!=)
    …whaaa, laking pressure naman ng tag na to (tnx for the tag) kasi ganda ng kwento mo, ganda pagkakasulat (english pa!hmfpt!!) paano pa ako gagawa ng equally kagandang story?=(


    sommer nalimutan ko may bago palang rules jan. pede na syang tagalog. so sorry hindi ko nailagay agad.

    1. sleepover – nakitulog
    2. whip – latigo
    3. handcuffs – posas
    4. leather – katad
    5. sexy – seksi
    6. threesome – tatluhan
    7. hairy – mabuhok
    8. shotgun – shotgun
    9. squeeze – pisil
    10. explosion – pagsabog

    thanks to potsquared for the tagalog conversion

  8. waaahhh just a gagamba… hahahh ang galing naman…


    hehehehe. thanks rhapsody. add kita sa blogroll ko po ha.

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