By: gmacomics

Aug 18 2008

Category: living the dust


sunday. just when you thought your day will turn out smooth then comes an accident. i was buying dinner in a restaurant when i noticed my dad was talking to a saudi guy, i was intrigued at what was happening and to my surprise saw the front bumper of the venture chevrolet knocked our rear bumper creating a basketball size dent on it. i then hurried to the incident and asked what happened. my dad explained to me it was the fault of the saudi guy. the saudi guy was speaking in his language probably agreeing that it was his mistake and waiting for a suggestion on how to deal with the situation. my dad was busy on dialling the number of the police. just then as my dad asked for help to speak with the police from the restaurant the saudi guy pulled out his car and drove as fast as he can. i was about to stop the guy instead just got the number and the model of the car. i even thought jokingly that why at times like these i have no camera in my hand. my cellphone was dead and my dad was busy on his phone talking to the police.

hit and run. didnt know these guys can do such thing here. i mean what was he thinking? didnt he thought that we got his plate number?

so what we did is we called the police and they sent an insurance personnel to our location and after the conversation with the insurance guy we drove back home safely.

times like these are so different to handle because it readily tests your patience, how you deal with the situation and lets you know how you manage your anger.  if you give in to these kind of development, be sure to compose yourself and learn to control because if you cant then something might have happened and in return will have a great effect on you. good thing that time, we were calm and nothing too personal came because accidents can happen even if your just parked on a driveway like what happened to us. instead of creating a scene, it would be best to focus and handle the situation in ways you think is best for you and others. in the end everything will come up clearer and what you have loss will be gained once again.

insurance paid for the damage in our car and hope nothing more serious will happen next time. as for the guy, i pity him. one thing i have concluded, praying five times a day doesnt show who you really are. its your actions and how you live up to your faith that is really important.


5 comments on “HIT and RUN”

  1. thanks for the comment. see may 22’s post for a poem about angels.


    saw it and i love it! you got talent. 🙂

  2. ..omg!!! pareho tayo ng accident!! ours was yesterday, binangga din kame. pero unlike you di kame tinakbuhan.


    ang hirap lang kasi dito sa middle east yung abala kapag nabunggo ka. kaya minsan yung iba pag maliit lang yun bangga hinahayaan na lang eh. problem lang dami nawiwili. buti hindi naman kayo nasugatan or something?

  3. buti pare di kayo nagalusan, loko talaga ang ibang tao, pero tama ka, buti na lang at calm kayo, what if may tililing pala yung lalake tapos may masama pang ginawa.. buti na lang at ok kayo ng father mo.. ingats paremoy.


    oo pre kasi maloko ang mga tao dito. sasabihin nila kasalanan mo pa at nagpunta ka pa kasi dito pag napahamak ka. tama ba naman yun? hahahayy. hehehe

  4. it’s a good thing nothing happend to you or your dad. i have to agree about the praying 5x a day. rituals are nothing if they aren’t applied with good intentions.


    korek ifoundme, kasi ang nasa isip nila after kunwari ng 4th prayer nila pag may nagawa sila pede pa naman ihingi ng tawad sa 5th prayer. galing noh. hahaha.

  5. Potsquared is right. Buti na lang you and your dad didn’t get hurt in the accident.

    I absolutely agree with your statement, “praying five times a day doesn’t show who you really are.” Grabe ang Arab guy na ‘yan. I’m starting to think that all the negative tales my cousins in Dubai shared about them are true.


    yup sonnetshaven maraming loko dito at hindi lang saudi maraming ibang lahi din. pero hindi ko naman nilalahat kasi kahit papaano meron ding mababait na mga saudi. nagkataon lang siguro ung time na accident na yun eh maloko yung saudi.

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