my photoblog

By: gmacomics

Aug 17 2008

Category: photography


guys, kindly check out my other blog where i placed some of my images. i started out blogging last year but wasnt able to update it until now. i have decided to use it as a photoblog since almost everyday im posting a lot of images here in wordpress.

so instead of not visiting my blogspot, i converted it into a photo blogsite. hope you guys visit this site from time to time. and include it in your list too. thanks in advance.

click on the link below..



4 comments on “my photoblog”

  1. kala ko nga gawin mo na photo blog itong site mo 😉

    Sure, will visit your other site.

    Galing mo!

  2. hahaha. oo nga napansin ko parang ganun ang nangyayari eh. syempre gusto ko pa din magkwento vhincent. hahaha. so ayun ginawa ko na lang ung isa para mapakinabangan.hahaha. thanks for adding.

  3. added na sa list 😉 visited na rin galing! 🙂


    thanks dhangski!

  4. i love your picturessss!!!! pwede bang magpaturo? hjihihi! di na ako nahiya. i have a very good cam… well, for me it’s very good… and i don’t know how to fully utilize it.


    ifoundme beginner pa lang din me sa photography pero sure no problem lahat ng alam ko sa camera ituro ko sa iyo basta remember its not the camera that makes the image beautiful. its the user and how to control the light.

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