By: gmacomics

Aug 17 2008

Category: CONTEST, photography


im really glad i bump into this site and once again im submitting another entry. so enough of the words here is my entry. the adorable kiana.

the great elude

shot with manual focusing of lens no photoshop editing except cropping the image. calle dit the great elude because it was a pnning shot while doing the manual zooming of my cam. she was trying to escape my shot so here was the output.
thanks for looking!
you can also check my photoblog here
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24 comments on “CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY (2)”

  1. Nice MF on motion picture!
    Good luck in this week’s contest 🙂

    p/s: You found me!! 😛

  2. hey elaine. nice of you to drop by! see you around

  3. ang ganda ng pic! parang Serra Angel!Born with wings of light… ang galeng!! kaka bilib:):)

  4. uy lush buti naman at nagawi ka. hehe. taga san juan ka pala? san kang barangay?

  5. Hey, your pic’s is superb!

    Good luck! 🙂

  6. I’ve tried this technique before, even had a project for it on my blog, to me it was difficult, lol. You did a great job. 🙂

  7. nagagawi naman ako dito, diko lng alam kung san pede mag comment nakakalito site mo eh, (alam mo namn sakit ko.. di namn ako tga san juan tita ko tga dun, nag stay din ako sa knila nung college ako for sumtime- nung dalagita Pa ako.. sa likod kami ng sm centerpoint, alam mo ung condo dun? hindi un! hahaha, isa kami dun sa mga pamilya nag sa squat sa gilid nun:):):)

  8. hahaha. ayus! so sorry po nalito po kayo. hahaha.

    teka wala namang condo dun sa likod ng sm kundi yung mga old rented house ng sinaunang panahon tulad din ng sa amin. malapit kami sa munisipyo lapit sa agora market. kaya mahilig din ako sa tapsihan ni aling banangs. actually ung apo nun klasmeyt ko dati (dinamay ko na kahit walang sense na isama ung klasmeyt ko)

  9. @brainteaser – thanks for droppin by.

    @chica – yes this was a hard technique for me too. before shooting that day ive tried it on a still subject with over 50 times i think until i manage to somehow get it. but not that perfect. probably this was just a shot in a million. just got it by chance i guess. thanks for the visit by the way!

  10. That came out great! That is so cool that is the way it is with no editing, nice job!

  11. Very interesting photo ~ and no editing! It came out really well.

    Good luck in Roger’s contest!

  12. ganyan pala un galing! 🙂 mas maganda pa rin talaga pag di ginamitan ng software 🙂

  13. @roger, thanks roger and im glad you appreciate it.

    hi patti, thanks also. your effects are cool also. looks like i need some editing lessons as well.

    dhangski, nagsubmit ka na? hehehe.

  14. Interesting take! 😀



  15. The Great Elude, catchy title:) Very nice effect, you really know how to play with your shots:)


    hahaha. oo nga pag hindi nabawi sa shot bawiin sa title. 😀
    thanks sonnetshaven!

  16. That is a really cool shot. I bet I could not do it.


    i think you can penny. thanks for appreciating it.

  17. grabe kuya your soooo good in photography… kainggit!


    hindi naman po ate yhen. thanks po. hehehe

  18. That is awesome looking! Love it!


    thanks kate!

  19. Really wonderful


    hi daryl thanks also!

  20. what works here is the fleeting feeling of motion. Like the closing speed of two vehicles in motion, and the closing speed is twice the speed shown. It looks as if it is the speed of lightning…


    hi ralph that is one interesting physics-related explanation. thanks for droppin by! see you at creative photography. 🙂

  21. I have used that technique while shooting fireworks…zoom in or out as they are going off..interesting usage with a person

    good luck


    hi bond, havent tried it yet on fireworks but ill try it sometime soon. thanks and see you at creative photography!

  22. the great elude is a perfect title

    and I love the photo, made me look and look and look 🙂

  23. This is just very pretty like an angel…

  24. Very interesting – certainly not something I think I could ever do. I just wish it would stop moving so I could focus on it better!

    Good luck this week!

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