POST – Afternoon delight

By: gmacomics

Aug 16 2008

Category: photography


Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D200

ha! who wouldnt want to miss these actual fotage of the making of afternoon delight. by the way i wasnt able to mention that im with my dad during that time. he brought the nikon d200 while im holding the canon eos450d. now these were the unedited footage behind the scene. hahaha.

ill be posting more soon and have a lot of unedited pictures yesterday during our trip to the leadership conference at aziziyah. i just have no enought time to do it now. will be posting if not tonight probably tomorrow. so here’s me with my love of my life eos 450d.

tent-covered playground

as you can see capturing images are not that simple. you have to be flexible and stretch a little bit. sometimes it felt awkward, your position but its just the way it is

look for wally este gmac

look for wally este gmac

the view

the view

funny because i didnt know im included in the frame. next time ill get my chance to include my dad as well in the frame. look at how we savor the heat of the day. hahaha.


2 comments on “POST – Afternoon delight”

  1. pare.. huhuhu palpak ang weekend photoshoots ko.. walang lumabas na maganda.. huhuhu magpapakamatay na ako! tatalon na ako sa tren! ehehehehehe nice shots pre… astig talaga…

  2. hahahaha. natawa naman ako sa u. pakita nga baka maremedyuhan natin? hahaha. tsaka ok lang yan pots. by the way meron na tayo model pagbakasyon. wohooo!! check mo si ron ng flickr contact ko. maganda ung mga models sigurado kahit palpak ang shoot natin maganda pa rin outcome. hahaha. basta ang tema ng ating group dapat shoot lang ng shoot hanggang makatsamba. hahaha.

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