Afternoon Delight

By: gmacomics

Aug 14 2008

Category: living the dust, photography


Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 450D

12nn. and we still have no lunch prepared so we decided to head on to ramaniyah. mall where most pinoys meet. before we left the house i prepared the two cameras so we can go tripping near the coastline after. the sun is up and it was very humid but still didnt dishearten us to go on a walk at the park and take some shots. after all this was the first time i brought my cam outside, at last! of course we were so cautious that mutawahs(their priests) might catch us coz we were like paparrazis with no subject except the birds and the trees but still we went on our way. by the way, photography is not allowed on public places thats why i mentioned the mutawahs.

so we moved from point to point and just shoot away. it really was hot that afternoon thats why the only place we can hide from the scorches of the sun was the shadows of the trees and the kiddie obstacle course playground which was covered with a tent. this is also the reason why it didnt take us long and to decided going home.

so here are some of the shots i took. it was worth a try. besides im a beginner at photography.



lamp post

lamp post

park transpo

park transpo

i would like to thank dhangski for sharing the workflow of vignetting which i applied in park transpo image. 



bench philippines

bench philippines



oh and before i forgot, bought this in a local bookstore. might help me in post processing of my shots. hehe
photography mag

photography mag

didnt want to post all the pictures because this is not a photoblog. hehehe. just check out the rest of the pictures on my flickr account. enjoy!

9 comments on “Afternoon Delight”

  1. Wonderful series of pictures!! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting me too 😛
    Cool we have the same layout 🙂
    Happy weekend!

  2. Ang ganda naman:) Tight na tight ang mga shots:) I’m surprised to learn that photography is not allowed in public places, strict pala dyan. So I guess celebrities there need not worry about tailing paparrazis:)

  3. wow galing nmn po… ako din po mahilig mag picture…

  4. thanks napaboaniya! i also like your sets. ill drop by at your crib always. thanks again!

    sonnetshaven, thanks and actually its not like its not allowed but they are so strict like you dont want to bring the cam anymore. hehe. some people here are paranoid when they see cameras especially dslr’s.

    ey yhen thanks din. hehehe. oo nga pansin ko nga puro flickr photos ung sa page u. hehehe.

  5. ang ganda pare, you really have the eye for art! congratulations!

  6. sure ka beginner ka pa lang? ganda ng mga photos ah 😉

    hirap pla talga dyan, atleast you’re paid well 🙂

    we have a gift pla sayo, just check our blog…

  7. pot, ngek! sabay acheche. hahahaha. thanks anyways. hehehe. buti nga nakalabas din ang aking camera.

    uy vhincent yes beginner pa lang. last 2 months ko lang nabulu ung cam ko eh. hahaha. oo nga yan ang sacrifice ng mga pinoys dito sa saudi. ung mawalay sa pamilya but in my case, ok lang. hehehe. sige anu ba yan?? thanks in advance!

  8. galing talaga 🙂

  9. thanks din dhangski

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