1st Manila COMIC CON 2008

By: gmacomics

Aug 13 2008

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first comic con 2008

 Buckle up, Manila, because the Mecca of Comic Culture is coming to town. On 18th and 19th of October 2008, the Glorietta Activity Center and Glorietta Tent will be transformed to a Comic Culture Wonderland as Hobbylink Productions, Inc. presents the first world-class comic convention to hit the Philippines, The 1st Manila Comic Con.

The 1st Manila Comic Con will bring together the best and the brightest comics talents the country has to offer. Celebrated Filipino comics artists will honor their patrons, staunch comic book aficionados, by conducting an exclusive book signing and book launching all throughout the event. Not to be outdone, Filipino sculptors will join in and exhibit their masterpieces. To top it all off, a Cosplay Masquerade Party will be held on October 18 at the Glorietta Tent to create an awesome venue where enthusiasts, hobbyists and artists can get together socialize and build a positive comics energy!

Too good to be true? Think again! The 1st Manila Comic Con will go where no other comic convention has dared. It will bring a hail storm of toy sale, panel discussions, life-size and museum-type displays – all done in an international-convention style.

quoted from pinoytoykolektors c/o unleashed

for more details click here

featuring fat boy studios, halimaw collectibles and 25 filipino local talent comic artists (hope pol medina comes)


8 comments on “1st Manila COMIC CON 2008”

  1. sayang pare, sana nasa pinas tayo for this event! huhuhu

  2. So libre ba? ako dito pa pinas hehe kya lang medyo out of way layo na makati
    sa bulacan ako (north)

    GMA yung post mo ata sa previous post dapat nakalink sa site nila yung mga name ng mga writers?

    not sure lang, coz that helps your blog popularity 😉

  3. If I’m still with the paper in October, I’m definitely going to cover this event. Pang one full page sya:)

  4. wow buti pa kayo vhincent and sonnetshaven! enjoy enjoy! 🙂

  5. vhincent im pretty sure merong mga libreng comics. one tip bring a good quality paper that you think will last or probably they can provide it then let the world renowned local comic book artist like pagulayan, leinil, and tortossa draw you soemthing they have been known for like world war hulk at marami pang iba. re tag, ilagay ko ung link ng aking entry sa kanila? or sila maglagay?

    potski, oo nga sayang at wala tayo. im sure hahanapin mo dun si pol medina. hehehe. di bale matimingan natin yan. hehehe

    sonnetshaven, if your going there can i ask favor? can you interview some of my colleagues like richie of fat boy studios, rommel as hobbymaster and jay sia and rad of halimaw collectibles. they feature full size to lifesize statues.

    a brief intro from these guys:

    hobbymaster – aka rommel known for making art vinyl in connivance with artists from around the world. also producing 1:4 statues which is crazed by some members on international forums because of great sculpts and paint apps. im not sure if hobbymaster will be there but hope he’ll be there.

    fat boy studios – richie was known to be a passionate collector of full size statues to head bust statues until he build up his own and custom some pieces. as of now his works are under construction and probably you’ll be amaze at his work during the con. a great guy as well.

    halimaw collectibles – rad and jay are like best friends. they have put up something to showcast their own products to international forums as well and have build themselves a reputation that some collectors are wanting more from them. they have great pieces to show off at comic con.

    one common ground these guys have. they are against recasting of statues here in the philippines. they’ll know me by my username so hope to see an entry in your blog bout them. hehehe. demanding noh. hahahaa.

  6. sa tanang buhay ko, isang beses ko pa lang na meet si pol medina jr. at nakapagpa-authograph ako sa kanya, siguro sususnod, hahalikan ko na siya! ahahay!

    parang namiss ko uli ang comics ah… pero hindi, kailangan ko munang mag focus.. eto na naman ako.. huhuhu

  7. hahaha. lawayan daw ba si pol. hahahaha.
    magconcentrate ka muna kay inaanak pre. comics will be there always. makakapaghintay yan. ako pag meron na din ako lay low na o baka hinto na din ako. hehehe.

  8. Thank you for this information, gmac:) Excited na ako mag-interview because of the names you gave me:) Name drop kita para pansinin nila ako ha?:)

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