By: gmacomics

Aug 11 2008

Category: CONTEST, photography


the broken loner


saw this creative photography contest thru my friend dhangski and i want to try my shot at it. because im a novice at photography id go for simplicity at its best.

for me this shot was very simple but very catchy. took the shot in our rooftop where a lot of unused materials are placed in ruins.

regarding the post process of the shot, i used USM, bump up the saturation a little bit, slide the blue channel mixer to the left and i guess thats about it.

for more details on the contest click here


20 comments on “CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Contest”

  1. astig talaga ito pare… ang husay!

  2. simple is beautiful gmac 🙂 beautiful entry!

  3. Hey Mate,
    Excellent photo … I especially like the little drain pipe at the base of the chair … nice touch. Welcome to the contest and best wishes!

    dale @

  4. I like this lonely old chair a lot. Simple works!

    Good luck in Roger’s contest.

  5. Welcome to CP!! 🙂 A simple yet beautiful shot.

  6. Very nice!

    Thank you for your Creative Photography submission!

  7. thanks sir roger!

    pots and dhangski maraming salamat. sunok subok lang. hehehe.

    dale, patti, and napaboaniya thanks for the warm welcome. hope i can submit something nicer and more creative next time. the rest of the entries were amazing and beautiful than mine.

  8. well, i like the shot too.

  9. thank you kengkay. hehehe

  10. Simple definitely works – this pictures says a lot and I love the colors.

    Good luck in the contest this week!

  11. Nice shot. I like the composition and the shadow on the wall.

  12. thanks linda and raven.

  13. The shadow of the chair looks menacing to the mouse should the rodent peer too far out of his hole…

  14. hahaha. yes i agree. i remember the trojan horse awaiting for their victim ignorant of what is about to happen. thanks for droppin by ralph!

  15. I’m a shadow freak so that struck me first! Then the angle of the chair and the poor torn seat. And the drainpipe, like a tiny opening to nowhere.

    This is a great shot! Welcome to Creative Photography!!

    and the title of the photo is wonderful.

  16. thanks so much dianne for the positive response. im glad you like it.

  17. Welcome to CP and thank you for sharing your creative entry. I’d love to have this as my desktop wallpaper 🙂

    Good luck!

  18. wow im honored! coming from the great sanni. thanks a lot and sure no prob you can make it your desktop wallpaper sanni. hope to learn some tips from you sir.

  19. Well done…good luck

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